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Compound words that have the word self in it?


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Compound words that have 'self' in them are:

  • myself
  • yourself
  • himself
  • herself
  • itself

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The word himself is a compound. The words are him and self.

Yes the word herself is a compound word. The words are her and self.

Yes myself is a compound word. The words are my and self.Yes

himself myself yourself herself

The two words from themselves is them and self . Selves is how you say self. Well in that word. You can't say themselfs you have to say themselves.

Some compound words using the word SELF:HerselfHimselfItselfMyselfOneselfThemselvesYourselfNote: A hyphen is almost always required when using the word self when forming a compound word.Examples:Self-absorbedSelf-awareSelf-centeredSelf-directedSelf-esteemSelf-evidentSelf-importantSelf-imposedSelf-knowledgeSelf-mutilationSelf-pacedSelf-possessedSelf-reportSelf-respectSelf-serviceSelf-storageSelf-sufficient

To create a compound word. You can link two words to create a new word. An example might be self-sufficient or self-esteem.

Yes. It is a hyphenated compound word.

The word outstanding is a compound word. The words are out and standing.

Yes, selfless is a compound word. Self+Less= selfless

No, noticeable is not a compound word. Compound words - words made up f two or more words.

There are no compound words with the word law in it

Afternoon is a compound word as it has the words after and noon in it.

This English word is a compound of three Greek words--auto=self+bio=life+graph=writing. So an autobiography is a self-writing of one's life.

Myself Yourself Himself Herself Oneself Itself Selfish Selfless

Yes, the noun self esteem is a compound, abstract noun; a noun made up of two individual words that form a noun with a meaning of its own; a word for a feeling of personal worth, a word for an emotion.

no, lip gloss is not a compound word. A compound word is two words put together to make one word. These two words do not fit the expectations to be a compound word.

No, unpack is not a compound word because "un" is not a word a compound word is a word that has two words in it.

Compound words for the word fascinated are bewitched and spellbound.

No it is not. Compound words are made up of two words but the word 'damage' is not.

Compound words that use the word 'win' are, winless, and winnable.

A compound word for office is officeholder.

As it has the words "dead" and "line" in it, it is a compound word.

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