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Concept of social responsibility accounting?


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concept of responsibility accounting


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social responsibility accounting is concern with modern approach of accounting which include to make accounting information useful to the society

Responsibility accounting helps in the management accounting and the managerial control of a business. It fixes the responsibility of the individual performance and the operation results so that it is not a vague concept.

Social accounting (also known as social and environmental accounting, corporate social reporting, corporate social responsibility reporting, non-financial reporting, oraccounting) is the process of communicating the social and environmental effects of organizations' economic actions to particular interest groups within society and to society at large.[1]Social accounting is commonly used in the context of business, or corporate social responsibility (CSR), although any organisation, including NGOs, charities, and government agencies may engage in social accounting.

Its a new phase to development of accounting and its birth to increase the social awareness. the social effects of business decisions in addition to the economic effects.

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Importance of accounting concept. To explain their significance in the preparations of accounting statements

accounting concept are the basic knowledge of accounting on which basis monetry transation are made in accounting book.

Social Responsibility, when in context with business practices, is the concept that any organization (corporation, entity, LLC, etc) has a certain responsibility to the people, society, or nature which that business comes into contact with.

There are eight accounting concepts: Business entity concept, cost concept, going concern concept, matching concept, objectivity concept, unit of measure concept, adequate disclosure concept, and accounting period concept

Accounting concept are customs and tradition which are used as a guide for preparation of financial statements.

responsbil;itys accounting priciples

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the fundamental principles of accounting are as follows:a. the going concern conceptb. the consistency conceptc. the separate valuation conceptd. accruals and matching concepte. the concept of prudence

the concept that business should emphasize not only profits but also the impact of its decisions on society

idea is more basic to accounting than the accounting unit or entity, a term used to identify the organization for which the accounting service is to be provided and whose accounting or other information is to be analyzed, accumulated, and reported.

* Cost accounting relies on financial accounting information (unbiased, support material) * both are concerned with responsibility or stewardship to the organization: financial accounting has responsibility to the whole company while cost accounting is concerned with responsibility for parts (costs and revenues) * Both require accounting information that must be relevant, timely, and accurate.

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