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T&L stands for "Transform & Lighting" T&L is a video technology that takes all the 3D information that used to be handled by the computer processor and gives it to the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). This enables for a more complex 3D environment by adding a higher polygon count and improving the lighting and at the same time it allows the computer processor to handle other tasks. For more info, see here:

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Q: Concerning video card hardware what does TL mean?
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What is Add-on hardware?

Add on hardware is a component that you add to make the system function. Most video adapters in computers are on-board, which mean they are built in to the mother board. If the Video adapter goes out then you can add a video card to the pci slot. This would be an add on video card.

What are the Functional component of computers?

if you mean hardware... you got video card, sound card, network card, motherboard, coolant fans, Ram, hdd, CD drive,

What does the term drivers mean?

i presume you mean drivers in the computer sense? if so Drivers are software which runs hardware within the computer. Such as Audio card drivers, video drivers,....

Remove hardware what does that means?

It means to physically detach or unplug the cable to a piece of hardware such as a removable hard drive or a printer. It could also mean to remove something that is inside your PC. Like removing a video card or some RAM.

What does no video input mean on computer?

The video card is not working or the display is not connected.

On a video card what does comp mean?

component or computer

How can you see infirmation about the video card for WindowsXP?

I'm not quite so sure what you mean. But if you are wanting to see information about your video card on windows XP, simply go to start, then control panel, Then click on system, then click on device manager under the hardware tab. I hope this comes in handy for you.

How do you support a video graphics card?

I would screw it into your case if you mean that type of support. Support also mean be "able to handle"... drivers for the correct video card would help you there.

What is mean by hard wear?

The person posting the question is probably referring to "hardware". Hardware is comprised of the physical parts of the computer - the motherboard, the wires connecting things, the hard drive, the video card, the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, etc. This is in contrast to the software - which is not tangible. Software is the programs and other operating information used by a computer. It is stored on the hardware of the computer - generally by magnetic means.

Can you fake your video card?

This depends on what you mean by faking the video card. You cannot fake one if you have none installed at all. However, you can trick software into thinking you have a video card other than what is installed. When monochrome displays were common, some software required CGA monitors. Some monochrome adapters were Hercules compatible, but the software was not. However, there were programs you could install to allow CGA compatible software to run on Hecules monochrome compatible hardware. Another thing that can be done in some cases is to fake a different model of video card. That often requires editing the ROM instructions in the video card and flashing them back to the card. This is risky and may also violate license agreements in some cases, but performance can sometimes be gained this way.

What does hardware vandalism mean?

What is hardware vandalism

How do you update video card files?

I assume you mean drivers. To update a video card drive you must visit the cards manufacturer website.To Find Out Your Video Card:On Windows 7 or Vista:1. Search and Open RUN2. Type dxdiag and Enter3. Open the Display Tab.4. It will tell you your video card's name.

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