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Andromeda, daughter of King Cephus and Queen Cassiopeia.

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Q: Constellation named after mythical greek princess?
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A constellation named after a mythical hunter?

The constellation is Orion

What is the hottest star in the constellation pegasus?

The Pegasus constellation is named after the mythical winged-horsed in Greek legend. The brightest star of the constellation is the Epsilon Pegasi or Enif.

According to legend the Constellation Andromeda is named after a princess from what country?

The mythological kingdom Ethiopia in Greek mythology.

What is the name of this constellation named after a mythical hunter includes the star etelgeuse?

The constellation is called Orion.

The mythical animal in this constellation guarded the apples of Hesperides.?


Who named the constellation Ara?

The Greek astronomer, Ptolemy, named the constellation Ara.

What tendon is named after a mythical Greek hero?

The tendon that is named after a Greek hero is the Achilles tendon.

What is the constellation named after the unicorn called?

There is no constellation named after the unicorn, but there is Pegasus the flying horse from Greek mythology.

What constellation was named after a greek hunter?


What constellation is the Orion telescopes named after?

The Orion telescopes are named after the constellation with the same name, the Orion constellation. The Orion constellation is named after the hunter in Greek mythology also with the same name, Orion.

Who is the Orion constellation named after?

It is named after Orion, the hunter from Greek mythology.

What constelation's are named after a mythical hunter includes the star Betelgeuse?

Only one: The constellation orion