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Contact Bill Worrell with the Houston Rockets?


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September 12, 2011 3:12PM

Mr. Bill Worrell,

i am a rockets fan living in san Diego who is asking for help. i am a father of two (Grace Leona 4year old and Serge Eliel year and 11months old, jobless who is facing an eviction(3 days notice to pay or quit) for my $900.00 two bedroom apartment and don't know what to do. I wrote to my senator to help and no good answer. what can you do to help me survive this hardship? for your information, I am not a begger but a hard worker who would do anything to provide for the family. If you can refer me to somebody you who can offer me a job from a customer service, sales, call center or anything.for the love God can you help me? this is my landlord phone number Kathy O'hara at 858-880-8811 and I can be reached at 619-6746771. or at

May God bless you,

Best regards,

Serge Ndondo-Lay