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Convert fluid ounce to kilograms?

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Fl oz are volume and cannot be converted to kilos that are weight/mass unless you have the specific item that is to be converted.

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One ounce equals 0.028 kilograms. Therefore to convert ounces to kilograms just multiply the number of ounces by 0.028. This would give you the answer in kilograms.

To convert fluid ounces to liters: fluid ounces x 0.02957 = liters

To convert liters to fluid ounces: liters x 33.81 = fluid ounces

119931.6 ounces1 kilogram = 35.27 ounces 1 ounce = 0.02 kilogram

There are 30 ml in one fluid ounce.

There is no direct conversion. The regular ounce, i.e., not the fluid ounce, is a unit of mass, while the liter is a unit of volume. For a specific substance, you can convert to mass first (for example, from liters to kilograms), using the relationship: mass = volume x density

( 256 cents/gallon ) x ( 1 gallon/128 fluid ounces ) = 2 ¢/fluid ounce

Divide by 16~To convert FL ounces to pints:1 Ounce {Fluid, US} = 0.0625 {1/16} Pint {Fluid, US} - Therefore multiply each ounce by 0.06251 Ounce {Fluid, UK} = 0.05 {1/20} Pint {UK}. Therefore multiply each ounce by 0.050To convert US Pints to Fl Ounces then its US Pints divided by (US) 0.0625 = Fluid OuncesTo convert UK Pints to Fl Ounces then its UK Pints divided by (UK) 0.050 = Fluid Ounces

1 pint = 16 fluid ounces

1 Ounce = 0.0283495231 Kilograms

Liquids of different densities will have different weights. One fluid ounce of water will weigh much less than one fluid ounce of Mercury.

One fluid ounce is about 29.57mL Thus, 60mL = 60/29.57 = about 2.02 fluid ounces.

Fluid ounces x 29.57 = milliliters (mL)

1 fluid ounce = 29,573 53 mL (cm3).

1 ounce = 0.0283495231 kilogramsthere are 0.0283495231 kilograms in one ounce.1 ounce = 0.0283495231 kilogramsNext time, just type the conversion you want into Google, it will calculate the conversion and list it as your first search result.1 ounce = 0.0283495231 kilograms

Easy to do. Since there are 128 fluid ounces in one gallon, multiply gallons by 128 to get fluid ounces.

1 troy ounce = 0.0311034768 kilograms

The answer to your question is: 0.3 kilograms is 10.6 (10.5821885848741) ounces.

I'm assuming you're referring to fluid ounces. 1 fluid ounce equals 29.625 mL

A fluid ounce is a volume and a pound is a weight. Its like saying how many inches in a gallon.

you can'tbecause mass of a fluid depends on its density.Formula: ounces x 0.028 = kg

You can convert.1 US fluid ounce = 29.5735296 ml

Dry ounce is a unit mass, tsp is a unit of volume; you need the density of the material to convert.

One fluid ounce equals 30ml or two tablespoons.

It depends on the density of the liquid. One fluid ounce is actually a measure of volume, not of weight. Thus a fluid ounce of, say, molten lead would weigh more than a fluid ounce of water. For instance... If you're converting water, 1 U.S. fluid ounce of water has a mass of roughly 30 grams. Therefore 30 grams of water is about .06 pounds.

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