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Further away (smaller) than they actually are.

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Q: Convex mirrors fitted to a car makes following cars appear to be?
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Which mirror is fitted at Agra fort and why?

convex mirror

Why do we use convex mirror as rear view mirrors in vehicles?

convex mirrors basically provide a wider view of the image and thus makes the driver to see the cars behind clearly without any problem. ++ That's so but in fact they do have one important effect, that of making the reflected objects seem further way than they are. This is why many larger vehicles are fitted with twin mirrors each side: one plane for true distance, the other convex for wide angle. Many lorries and buses also have subsidiary convex mirrors above the windscreen and doors so the driver can observe the immediate surroundings.

Why convex lens are fitted on sharp turns on mountains?

To see traffic coming around a corner.

Why a convex mirror is fitted in a car?

Usually only on the right side door to give a wider view.

How do you tuck in Vauxhall Astra side mirrors?

Assuming that you had electric folding mirrors fitted to the car; put the driver's mirror adjuster into the central (neutral) position and push it down for a second, both mirrors should fold in. Repeating this will make the mirrors fold out.

How many images will be formed if two mirrors are fitted on adjacent walls and one mirror on ceiling?


Why does glass fitted on a door reflect?

Because glass is reflective. Mirrors are glass with just a silver backing on it

Mirrors that are using on a car?

Cars must be fitted with a rear view mirror in the top middle of the wind screen and may also be fitted with side view or wing mirrors. The central mirror tells the driver about what is happening behind the car and the side view mirrors are used to see down the sides of the car which may be obscured form the central mirror.

How the use of mirrors helps the user of a periscope see above the water surface?

The mirrors are fitted at 45 degree angles in a periscope in the opposite directions. when you see through the periscope, the image gets reflected.

What is the name the anterior depression on the scapula?

This depression is called as sub scapular fossa. Scapula is fitted on convex surface of the chest wall. That is why this surface of the scapula has got depression.

How many images will be formed if two mirrors are fitted on adjustment walls and one mirror on ceiling a-2 b-5 c-7 d-11?


When towing a caravan is it the law to have the extended wing mirrors?

A vehicle drawing a caravan must have at least two exterior mirrors, one on the offside and one on the nearside, which provide an adequate view to the rear and along both sides. If the normal mirrors do not provide this view (due to the width of the caravan) then some form of extended mirrors or other devices must be fitted - Road vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986, Reg.33.

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