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years - an apostophe is only needed in contractions and possesions, not plurals. by the way - once i saw a t-shirt that said "Prepositions are not words to end sentences with" - and "with" is a preposition! 4 years

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Q: Correct spelling of plural year years or years' such as 4 years' of education?
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How do you spell centruries?

The correct spelling of the plural noun is centuries (hundreds of years).

How do you spell centuries?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "centuries" (century=100 years).

What is the correct spelling for millineum?

The spelling is milennium (one thousand years).

Is octogenarian the correct spelling?

Yes, "octogenarian" is the correct spelling of the word for a person who is from 80 to 89 years old.

What is the correct spelling of plural year's years year?

The plural noun is years. To spell out year names, use the hundreds of years, followed by the last two digits as a number. (Use "oh" for a leading zero) 1840 = eighteen forty 1700 = seventeen hundred 1901 = nineteen oh one 2012 = twenty twelve Even thousands are spoken as thousands: 2000 is "two thousand."

How do you spell recipt?

You have the correct spelling, "receive". There's an old rhyme about spelling I learned 50 years ago (I mean it was old even back then) that comes in handy: i before e except after c or when pronounced A as in neighbor and weigh There are a couple of exceptions, but using the rules expressed in that rhyme, you'll be right 99% of the time.

What is the correct spelling to say last years job?

The job belongs to last year as it was, so it is a possessive. So there is an apostrophe needed between year and s, so it does not indicate a plural. The correct form is: Last year's job.

How do you spell teenager?

That is the correct spelling of "teenager."

How do you spell twenty-seven years?

That is the correct spelling of the period of "twenty-seven years" (27 years).

How do you spell mellenium?

The correct spelling is millennium (period of 1000 years).

How do you spell trienium?

The correct spelling is triennium (a period of three years).

Is acknowledge the correct spelling?

The 'proper' spelling of the word is 'acknowledgment' but 'acknowledgement' has become so common that it is no longer considered an error; that is, either is acceptable. The language grows and changes. Many words are spelled differently today than they were just a few years or decades ago. Spelling and definition of words are determined by common usage. As a different meaning or spelling of a word becomes commonplace, it becomes first accepted, then 'correct.'