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how much it cost limo insuarance in Maryland

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The presidential limo now cost $300,000.

Hiring a limo will definitely cost you money but that can be minimized only by market research of your location. Limo hiring cost depends on some factors such as number of seatings, amenities offered, type of limo, duration of hiring, etc. A stretch limo will cost around $700-$800 whereas a hummer limo will cost around $2000-$2500.

A commercial vehicle such as a truck or limo needs to have a very high coverage cost because they are used for commercial purposes. The most common insurance for them is comprehensive insurance.

Is it about £5000 to buy a limo people?? and to keep aswell

It is a diffrent price for what kind a limo it is

Limo is short for the word limousine. You can see the different types of limos and average cost of renting a limo at

The cost of a limo depends with the manufacturer. A new limousines costs about $100000 depending on the options and manufacturer.

Mostly the limo cost is depends on hour based [i.e. number of hours that you have to spend in limo]. But if you want to hire some luxurious vehicle then you have to spend some extra money.

80 000 dallors and for a hummer limo 150 000 dallors

It can be very hard to buy a limo, and very hard to find one for a cheap price, but it should cost around $5,000 to $10,000.

Yes, you can get a limo or hummer. Yes, you also must apply for rental car insurance. I think you want it for some personal purpose. I would prefer to take a limo.

Yes they do. That depends on what you are using them for. Some limo used just to get to the airport might cost only 25% more than taking a taxi.

it'll maybe cost between $50 and $200

it costs $125 an hour...

A limo service usually charges by the event, time,length, and the type of car wanted.

Expect to pay 100 dolars or more for renting a limo for the evening. Not only does the limo itself cost a lot to rent, but the driver has to be payed too.

Limo services charge by the hour, not by the evening. The cost depends on the service and type of vehicle, but averages about $60-$80 per hour.

Limo Services do not cost a lot of money. If you are looking for Airport Limo Service, it is almost the same price of Taxi in Short Trips but the longer you want to go the cheaper it is. For example Limo rates from Toronto Airport to Downtown Toronto is $ 50 and The Taxi is about $ 45. But if you want to go to Niagara Falls from Toronto Airport the limo will cost you $ 170 and the taxi is going to be over $ 200.

Around $550,000 is what I am coming up with

About $100K, depending on interior.

Renting a limo for prom can be a great way to enjoy a special night. It's best to split the cost among a number of friends.

The cost to buy a stretch limo will vary depending on year, make, model, condition and if it is new or used. A new one will average about $55,000 while a used one averages about $25,000.

alot, almost like, a million bucks aussie.

it varies from $35pp-150pp depending what brand or size.

Probably 30 to 35 thousand dollars but I am not positive.

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