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Easily, and it will do it without much trouble.

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2016-02-03 04:08:52
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Q: Could a cane corso kill a wolf?
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Can a Cane Corso kill a wolf?

Yes it can since it is so strong and fast, but the wolf will win most of the time.

Who will win in a fight between a cane corso and a wolf?

As someone who has actually seen this battle take place, a Wolf does not stand a chance. The Cane Corso has so much more power, they launch into the Wolf so hard, and shakes it like a rag, the Wolf just shuts down, and goes limp. But most of the time the Wolf will run when it sees those jaws coming at it, the Cane Corso will run it for miles, and then will turn back unless it can get it cornered, then the Wolf is dead.

What dog can kill a cane corso?

A wolf and a larger mastiff dog can defeat and kill a vicious cane corso.

What is the national dog of Italy?

Sicily doesn't have dog mascotte. Cane corso is not from Sicily, cane corso is a recreation dog created in the sixties. There's not genetic difference between cane corso and mastino napoletano. They are the same dog. The corso is a recreation of the corso meridionale o presa meridionale a farm dog of southern Italy, only few survivors where left after the Second World War, in the Campania and Puglia regions. Many of this very protective dogs, guarding the farms of southern italy, were killed by germans and allied troops when they landed in Italy. This dogs were killed during the war cause the were not allowing anyone near farms and property, very few probably less than 10 were left after the war. The survivors were mixed with mastino napoletano and boxers and others to save them from extinction, that is the cane corso of today. the national animal of italy is a wolf .the lupus italicus Italian national dog is the wolf not the cane corso that is the Lupus Italicus.

Can a Doberman kill a wolf?

A large doberman with good fighting skills could kill a wolf.

Can a lion kill a wolf?

it could but the wolf would have the advatage of speed

Can a pitbull kill a healthy gray wolf?

yes a pitbull could kill a wolf but it would have to be weak so it would be easier to kill it

Can a wolf kill a grizzly bear?

No, because a bear is too powerful for a single wolf to kill, but a pack of wolves could kill a grizzly bear.

At the most savage mode from an Australian shepherd, could it kill a wolf.?

Yes. if it was more mad than ever before it could kill a wolf but, it would be a challenge

What does it mean to have a white wolf chasing and trying to kill you in a dream?

probably means that a wolf will eventually kill you or you could just be having a nightmare

How many wolves would it take to kill a gorilla?

A wolf is a fast and effecient hunter in killing prey, but a wolf could not kill the gorilla easily. At least 3 wolves could kill one gorilla.

Can a bull mastif kill a wolf?

It could since it is strong enough to, but the wolf is more likely to win.

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