Could a cobra eat a mongoose?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes Cobra's eat whatever they can find!

Cobras and Mongooses are natural enemies but the Mongoose usually comes out the winner in a fight.

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Mongooses eat Cobras. Plus Mongooses are too big for a Cobra to eat whole. The Cobra could injure the Mongoose with its venom but not eat it

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Q: Could a cobra eat a mongoose?
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What anilmas eat cobra?

A mongoose will eat a cobra A mongoose will eat a cobra

What makes the mongoose such a threat to the King Cobra?

because the mongoose trys to eat the king cobra

Mongoose and cobra?

A mongoose is a strong rodent that lives someplace in asia. A cobra is the longest snake in the world and lives somewhere in asia.

What would eat the cobra snake?

A mongoose.

What animals eat the cobra snake?

The mongoose

What eats a cobras?

nothing eats a king cobra

Can cobras kill a mongoose?

yes but the mongoose could kill the cobra too.

What Makes A Mongoose and A Cobras Enemies?

a mongoose eats a king cobra so the cobra is the mongoose's prey.

What is the enemy of the cobra?

Two enemies of a spitting cobra are the possum and the mongoose.

Mongoose vs Cobra?

A cobra and a mongoose are not particularly similar as animals go; a cobra is a reptile and a mongoose is a mammal, however, they, like other vertebrates, do have some things in common. They both have a spine, eyes, teeth, brains, and the usual internal organs, although a cobra has only one lung, as compared to a mongoose which has two. Both have skin, although the cobra has scaly skin and the mongoose has furry skin.

What is it like when a cobra and mongoose fight?

When a mongoose and cobra fight it is like a wrestling match......... the mongoose goes to bight the cobra's head to stop it from attacking it or the cobra's back so it can break it and the cobra is paralyzed and the mongoose can finish the cobra off

What eats cobra snake?