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I've researched the virus and some people say it doesn't exist. Only 1 person knows the real answer; Max Brooks

I've seen this video online and some comments are saying that it is true but you don't turn into a zombie, this is what it said;

The solanum virus actually exists but is not as it says the virus does not allow the body to function as it is dead and does not get information or oxygen etc ... only puts you in a coma the brain is cico but only the brain or eyes or mouth tips make any sense, only the brain remains active, doing nothing.


I believe that^^

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Q: Could a solanum type virus rearlly exist?
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What does the swine flu and the solanum virus have in common?

The "Solanum" virus does not exist. Z-Day is not yet here.

Can a zombie like virus exist?

Well, actually, a professor at Harvard university did an intensive study to see if a solanum-esque virus could exist. He tested the factors of being a virus, ability to reanimate, and not need any recourse's. Of course, this all came out as a big no.

Where did the zombie disease come from?

Solanum Virus is real. "Solanum" is from the Genus of plants: Tomatoes, Eggplant, Potatoes, Peppers, and Tobacco. And on that note... there is "Solanum Virus" that you can purchase. "Solanum Virus" by "Sauce of the Living Dead". Google it. Hell, it's even for sale on Ebay... search Solanum Virus

Are there Reported cases of the solanum virus?

There are no reported cases of the Solanum virus or the zombie virus as of July of 2014. This virus is actually a fictional disease.

Who invented the Virus Solanum?

Arnulfo Tejeda*** A+ :)

How do you contract the solanum virus?

You must be bit by a zombie, injected with the virus, splattered by a zombie's remains, or receive a blood transfusion, where the blood in question contains the solanum virus. For those that don't know, Solanum is a virus that causes a person to die, mutates the brain into a new organ, and revives that person into what is commonly known as, a zombie.

Did Nazi zombies exist?

Delusional Paranoid Answer:Ah, Agree With You. But However, I Do Know The Solanum Virus (See The Zombie Survival Guide) Does Exist, But It Was Not Discovered Until Later On Near The Early 2000s, If I'm Correct. But Good Question; Nazi Zombies could Have Existed If They Had Discovered Solanum During World War 2. Though It Was Not Possible For Them To Literally Rise From Their Graves, Eat Or Brains And Then We Become Zombies, And Repeat. BUT, There Is A Zombie Virus But There Was Never A Nazi Zombie. Good Question.Less Delusional Answer:No. Nazi Zombies do not exist, and neither does Solanum, that is a fictional virus used in the books "The Zombie Survival Guide", and "World War Z". This is true, but no one can ever know for sure. Read up on the Nazi Zombie storyline. It has to do with an actual asteroid called tunguska that crashed and had element 115 that was said to make zombies.Non-Delusional Answer:Zombies are fiction. Nazi zombies are fiction. Solanum virus: there are actually two virus with the common name solanum, also called potato virus X and potato virus Y. Both are plant pathenogenic; that is they do not affect humans or other animals. The "Solanum virus" of Max Brook's Zombie Survival Guide fame is pure fiction. The Tunguska asteroid carried nickle, iron, and iridium--no "element 115" currently exists. A review of the periodic table shows the highest numbered element known is 102, Nobelium, and it cannot exist naturally.So, in short, no, Nazi zombies have never, do not, and can never exist.Please, park your paranoia-cycle at the curb, and check your tinfoil hat at the door. While zombie fiction is great fun to speculate, fiction is fiction. Keep it real.

Does the Solanum virus exist?

No, the solanum virus does not exist. The solanum virus is a virus in the book Zombie Survival Guide, written by Max Brooks.He made up the virus to fit into the story on why Z-Day might happen.A new reply.....Actually, the so-called "SOLANUM" virus may be joke to scare the freaks out of anyone.....But, if research can cause the same particular thing....Let's discuss it...Ever thought of the research considering breaking the limits of sample of that is an anti-aging cream...Actually, there's a larger research about it...The research focuses on IMMORTALITY...The hidden formula may be from the DNA strands of Turritopsis nutricula or immortal jellyfish on which it has been further research...Actually, a mistake on this research may cause a catastrophic effect on the results...Because extracting genes from a creature then initially importing other genes with the right DNA characteristics using the proper chemicals are one of the processes...And the last thing they'll do is inject it to a test subject such as a lab rat......This could cause the rat to mutate so that it's DNA could combine with the new DNA strand imported to it then the DNA composition of the new DNA recombinant would multiply itself thus reanimating the test subject....Reanimating the test subject may cause it's cells to reanimate and mutate...When the cells mutate, the brain cells are also reanimated, making the test subject's psychological state to change....... Actually, a mistake may cause the subject to decay because it loses the ability to resists decay-causing bacterias.... I Agree (from ares223)Solanum Virus is real! Google "Sauce of the Living Dead"

How do you get the solanum virus?

Well there is controversy over wether or not"solanum"( also known as T-virus ) really exists, but if you can get it these ar some of the ways. Open wounds brushing onto the infected can result in infection, as well as being bitten by them. Eating infected flesh will not result in reanamation, but death, as infected flesh is very toxic. Solanum is not air or waterborne. There is not a vaccine because, even the smallest trace of the virus in the bloodstream results in a coma, death and reanimation within 24 hours.

What combination of diseases would create the zombie virus?

How could anyone know that if the "zombie virus" doesn't exist at this moment.

Does the krippin virus exist?

NO ! Krippin virus is not exist , because there are no any kind of virus can cure of Cancer !

How do zombies exist?

I think you meant to say "exist", right? If you did, here's your answer: Zombies are reanimated humans that are infected with a virus called Solanum. The virus can only be transferred through direct fluid contact, so the only way to become a zombie is to encounter one yourself. No one is quite sure where the virus originated. The virus travels directly from the infection point to the brain, its main control center. From there, it kills the host, then reanimates them, adding a need to consume human flesh. No one knows why the virus desires human flesh, either. However, the virus only activates what it needs to eat humans: Arms, legs, mouth, and brain. Everything else is useless: Heart, lungs, digestive system, pain receptors, etc. ------------------------- Glad I could be of assistance. ~ Ken