Could i be pregnant had a spotting period 2weeks ago lasted 4days 10days later had unprotected sex and four days after the sex had pink then brown spotting with a dull pain in right pelvic area?


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It's very unlikely that you got pregnant then cos when you are on your period, or its within 7 days of having it the egg usually hasn't been released yet

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I have had my monthly period and that lasted 6 days instead of 7 days and started spotting 2weeks after does this mean Iam pregnant?

It depends on the person. I personally don't think your pregnant

I just had a period 2 weeks ago then had sex when i got off now im spotting i dont know if it mean im pregnant or not kinda worried myself

You can wait a little longer if you want but also remember that just because you have unprotected sex it does not mean you will get pregnant each time. You might not have been ovulating then. Only 12% of all women ovulate on the same day in each cycle every month.

=about 2weeks after it happens kay o.=

You sure can since that's usually about when you ovulate.

4days before or after your period i would say wait 2weeks.

10days + 4days = 14days =2weeks hence,10+4=2 another way...... 10 o'clock + 4 hours = 2 o'clock 10+4=2

Idk bc she said she was pregnant 6days/1/2weeks after cardi bsaid she was pregnant

I think it depends on how early you are in pregnancy. I took 10tests which all were negative even though I knew I am pregnant before the HgC levels were high enough to indicate pregnancy via test. You can usually get an accurate reading about 1-2weeks pregnant with a good test such as Clearblue digital (I used this which indicated I was 1-2weeks pregnant) and I'm not 4weeks pregnant and registered with the midwife. Good luck!

hi . i had my period Jan 21 and on the 30 i notice a light spotting when i went to the bathroom and then feb 2 i start to spot again and then shut off i have not seen it since what could this mean or just wait until my period to come down.on the 17 of feb. what do you think

You have to wait and take a test as usual. Either 2weeks after sex or after your first missed period.

well i think you may be but to be on the safe side go to the doctor and get tested ...they should be able to tell though ur blood if or not you are.

There is a very good chance your pregnant. you should talk to your doctor about your symptoms. see if there is some you can do to control your hunger.

about 2weeks after the first day of your period i think

if your period is 2weeks late yes take it but to make shure take the blood test!

your dilation can take as long as 2weeks or 2days depends on how active you are.

As soon as pregnancy is confirmed, stop your birth control. Take a test 14 the day you had sex or the day of your expected period.

2weeks before your missed period

Lawyer get 2weeks for vacation time

No, it was filmed in 2 months.

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