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Q: Could you Describe the second spirit physically?
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Symbolic Bird In Greek Orthodox Greek?

You could say that a white dove is the bird used to describe both the Holy spirit and peace.

How would you start a good thesis statement?

If for example the thesis was: Describe your dog. You could say something like: My dog has many attributes both physically, and emotionally.

What does holding in the arms mean?

it means he doesnt want anything more than a sexual relationship with you. Answer It could mean different things in my opinion. It could mean he or she wants to hold you because they care about you, it could mean they are there for you in spirit even though not physically together at the moment, it could be a way of saying that they care about you or love you.

How you could communicate better with people who are physically or culturally different?

Explain how we could communicate better with people who are physically different from ourselves

What is Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron's full name?

Spirit Who Could Not Be Broken

Is it correct to say the spirit of volunteerism?

No, Instead you could say 'the volunteering spirit'

5 adjectives that describes Adolf Hitler?

Adjectives are words that describe, so pick any 5 words that describe Adolf Hitler. You could pick words that describe him physically (short, slim, mustached, dark-haired), or you could pick words that describe him more emotionally (neurotic, megalomaniac, anti-semite, charasmatic, mad, mass-murdering). An adjective fills the blank in the statement "Adolf Hitler was a _____________ man."

What kind of spirit did the boy have that the disciples of Jesus could not cure?

The spirit in the boy , which the disciples failed to remouve was a evil spirit.

Paleolithic animal pinting could not be describe as?

paleolithic animal painting could not be describe as

What was the bold confederate attack in the middle of union lines?

That sounds like Lee's tactics at Second Bull Run. Or it could describe Lee at Chancellorsville.

How could you describe a cylinder to someone?

describe cyilnder

How do you describe a badger?

There are many ways you could describe a badger. You could describe a badger by their mean personality or by their furry appearance.