Could you list synonyms for the word push?

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Could you list synonyms for the word said?

Answer . try spoke, whispered, shouted, screamed, preached, talked, etc.. accused. clucked. gulped. pointed out. snapped. acknowledged. coaxed. gurg

List of synonyms words?

There are many different synonym words available. Synonyms aremultiple words that have the same meaning. Some examplesare:Beautiful, Pretty, and StunningWicked, Evil, and Nefa

Could you list the synonyms for said?

~言った / 言われた - said. (itta/iwareta). ~仰っしゃった / 仰せられた  ï¼

Can you list synonyms for the word you?

there aren't any.. unless you go slang... ya. Actually the person above me is incorrect, you can still use proper English. A word that can be used in place is old English bu

A list of synonyms of the word MODERN?

contemporary . hip, trendy . cutting edge or leading edge . up to date . neo, new, now, current, today . fresh, "mod" . fashionable . in vogue . progressive . inovate
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Could you list synonyms for the word surprised?

Some synonyms for surprised: amazed astonished astounded startled stunned staggered shocked wonder speechless takenback dumbfounded