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I´m sorry to say so, but yes... it can happen.

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2008-11-20 11:45:27
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Q: Could your girlfriend be pregnant if you got a little bit of pre-ejaculate fluid on your finger but wiped it off then fingered her?
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What it mean when your finger tips hurt?

well umm you have been fingering to hard or you have fingered your girlfriend to hard.

When you put the finger in your girlfriend vagina can your girlfriend get pregnant?

no you need sperm to geta girl pregnant

What happens when you get a finger monkey mad?

You get fingered

Can you finger your boyfriend?

Yes some guys enjoy to be fingered in the ass

What does it feel like to get fingered by a guy?

Imagine sticking your own finger inside- it's exactly the same. A carrot would feel the same, if it had a knuckle. Just a bit colder.It would feel the same if a girl fingered you, just a bit more annoying. But then she'd likely be waving it at you saying "Don't go there, girlfriend" instead.

Will my girlfriend get pregnant if I penetrate her with a finger that used to have sperm on it?

It depends upon how well you cleaned your finger. Sex has risks, and you have to mature enough to accept those risks if you are going to engage in the sexual activity.

What does it mean to be fingered?

Fingering is the practice of using fingers to stimulate the clitoris and/or vagina. To "finger oneself" is to masturbate in this manner.

How do you finger a high c flat on trumpet?

C-flat is the same as B. It's fingered with the 2nd valve.

Do guys finger girls with underwear on?

No, to be fingered it usually has to be without underwear on...Because the fingers need to be inserted in the vagina...

What happens when someone fingers you?

Basically it Like When Yhur Having Sex..Except its Not The Penis its The Guy's Finger

Is 13 to young te be fingered or to finger someone?

In my opinion, yes. There isn't a law saying that you are too young to finger someone, however, I think if you wait your experience will be better.

Do you finger your girlfriend with the whole of your finger or part of it?

all of it =] depends what she likes

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If a guy had semen on his hands and wiped it off with a tissue but did not wash his hands and then fingered his girlfriend could she get pregnant?

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Will my girlfriend get pregnant if I penetrate her with a finger that used to have sperm on it?

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