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The associates degree is designed as a two year program of study as a full-time student provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the college, and provided the student does not require prerequisite coursework as a result of basic skills testing. There are some programs of study that may take a bit longer depending on the number of credits required. Usually these are programs within the health related fields. In addition, for students who require developmental course work as a result of basic skills testing, it would take longer. How much longer would depend on the extent of the developmental courses they are required to take. Evidently, those individuals who attend college on a part-time based would also extend their time in school. How much longer would depend on the credit load carried each semester. Typically, an associates degree takes between 60 and 64 credits to complete depending on the specific school, program of study, and state mandates.

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Q: Credits required too graduate community college?
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How many credits to graduate college if you want to become a vet?

Each veterinary college will set the required amount of credits to successfully graduate, however all vet colleges in the United States require a four-year course of study.

I already have a bachelor's degree and I still need some credits for graduate school is OK if I take these classes at a community college like Brookdale?

It depends on which courses the graduate school is requiring. If the courses are within the freshman or sophomore levels, then taking them at Brookdale Community College would be fine. Just make sure the required courses are not junior or senior level courses.

Do community college credits count towards graduate school requirements?

Yes, as long as the credits were transferred over to a 4 year university later on. In general, most graduate schools require the completion of a bachelors degree. Nothing in terms of credit transfers to graduate school from either the associates or bachelors degree.

Can you substitute teach with an AAA in general studies?

In most states, 60 college credits are required.In most states, 60 college credits are required.In most states, 60 college credits are required.In most states, 60 college credits are required.In most states, 60 college credits are required.In most states, 60 college credits are required.

Can you get a doctorate starting at a community college?

Yes, if you transfer your community college credits to a four-year college and then go on to earn the doctorate.

What types of education is offered at community college?


What community college transfers credits to Clark Atlanta University?

Any community college that has a regional accreditation, which most all do.

Is there a minimum age at which you are allowed to graduate high school in Waco Texas or can you do so at 15 if you have all your credits?

In TX, you should be able to graduate even at 15 if you have ALL your credits. I assume this is from a public school. If the young person wishes to enter a jr college, she/he could also get a GED and start at a community college. There have been many cases of young people entering college below 17. We have such a ruling in Midland TX.

How many credits are required for a 4-year degree at a community college?

Community colleges do not offer a bachelor's degree. They are authorized to award the two year associates degree, shorter term diplomas, and certificates.

What are the qualifications required to become a law teacher?

Depending on where you live, you would probably be required to graduate from law school yourself first - check with your local community college or the State Bar where you live.

If you take college courses in high school will that drop the number of years you have to go to college?

No, but will reduce the course credits that are necessary to graduate.

What's your status when you graduate from community college?

You probably then have an AA or AS degree.