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upto which semister marks will counted in promotion of 2nd year to 3rd year?

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Q: Credits to promote in anantapur jntu?
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how many credits we should require to promote 4th year b'tech without counting 3-2

What is the exam pattern of jntu anantapur?

u can get all the info about all the 3 regions of JNTU in

Is there supplies for first year jntu anathpur students?

if there is any supply for 1st btech students ,anantapur jntu

When will jntu anantapur 3-1 results of 2010 will be released?

after Sankranthi

When is jntu anantapur results of second year second sem?

If you are looking for the 2nd semester 2nd year test results from JNTU, you can check the school website for the results. The university website has the Anantapur test results.

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they are available in

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linux question papers

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Released about January 4th

How many credits require for promote third year in jntua?

this is chandrasekhar i am studying in jntu hyderabad i have only 32 credits in 2-1 it is possible to promoted in 3rd year

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today night result will came.