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Cuantos anos tienes?

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Who can ask that? just imagine!

How many anuses have you got? X - @

"ano" and "año" have totally different meanings.

IF you ask "¿Cuántos anos tienes?" people would laugh or they could even hit you!

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How do yu answer in spanish cuantos anos tienes?

To answer, Cuantos anos tienes?( How old are you?) You say: Tengo __ anos. Filling in the blank with your age.

What does cuantos Anosq tienes?

Cuantos anos tienes translates to "how old are you?" in english

De donde eres y cuantos anos tienes?

De donde eres = where are you from cuantos anos tienes = how old are you

How do you answer to how old are you in spanish?

Informal: cuantos anos tienes? Formal: cuantos anos tiene Vd (=usted)?

Eres bien linda cuantos aos tienes?

your good cutie how old are you? .... and it should be "cuantos anos tienes"

How do you say cuantos anos tienes in English?

"How old are you?"

What does Que Cuantos anos tienes mean in spanish?

¿Cuántos años tienes? = How old are you?

How do you ask how old someone is in Spanish?

Cuantos anos tienes?

What do cuantos anos tienes menas in English?

It means "How old are you?"

How do you ask how old somebody is in Spanish?

cuantos anos tienes

How do you pronounce cuantos anos tienes?

¿Cuántos años tienes? IPA ['kwan̪tos 'aɲos 'tjenes ]

Response to cuantos anos tienes tu?

Tengo 67 años

What is the pronunciation for cuantos anos tienes?

['kwan̪tos 'aɲos 'tjenes] with the IPA

What is cuantos anos tiene tu mejor amigo?

cuantos anos tienes tu mejor amigo roughly means how old is your big friend

What do you say when someone asks cuantos anos tienes?

yo tengo ______ años.

What is muy bien cuantos anos tienes?

This means, "Very well; how old are you?"

What does Cuantos anos tienes?

"¿Cuántos años tienes?" literally means "How many years have you?", but normally is interpreted as "How old are you?"

What does cuantos anos tienes mean in inglish?

Aaahh!! Q me cuentas cuanto tienes de haberte ido

What does cuantos anos tienes mean?

It reads, "How many years do you have", otherwise asking how old are you.

What is cuantos anos tienes in english?

Literally it is "How many years do you have" but it is the same as the english "how old are you"

How do you say how old is he in Spanish?

cuantos anos tiene cuantos anos tiene cuantos anos tiene cuantos anos tiene

What does cuantos anos tienes tu mean?

It means how old are you? The literal translation is how many years do you have.

What does entonces tu cuantos anos tienes tu mean in English?

It means, "So then, you; how old are you?"

How do you respond when asked Cuantos anos tienes?

"Cuantos anos tienes?" literally means "How many years do you have?" in Spanish. Basically, they are asking "How old are you?" To answer this, you would say "Tengo (how ever many years old you are) anos." For example, if you are seven. You would say, "Tengo siete anos." This literally means "I have seven years," but basically means "I am seven years old."

How do you replay to Qeu anos es in spanish?

umm que anos es. doesn't really make sense. cuantos anos tienes means how old are you. que ano es - means what year is it.