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Currently who is the worlds oldest person?


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skyler Moore


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The oldest man in the world is 146.

The oldest person was Edna Parker. She died at aged 114 years and 115 days

in Africa an person named zock

the worlds oldest man is 105 years old and of course he still works he has also been on the weakest link last year in 2009

62 years old his name was old billy

the worlds oldest weapon just happens to be destroys anything and everything.

the worlds oldest salamander was 100 years but then it died on its 101st birthday

The oldest person currently in the U.S. Senate as of 2014 is Dianne Feinstein. Feinstein is 80 years old and took office at the age of 59.

In 2010, Bill Elliott at the age of 55 was the oldest person to start a Nascar Sprint Cup Series race.

The oldest known vegetable is the pea.

The world's oldest donkey is 54 years old her name is Suzy.

The oldest woman ALIVE is 118 and lives in Japan. If she is not the worlds oldest woman and shes not alive anymore please change my answer.

The oldest person in Argentina isn't currently known. Carmelo Flores Laura may have been the oldest person in nearby Bolivia before his death in June 2014. He was speculated to be 124 when he died, but may have only been 107.

It is also the worlds oldest profession, whoring.

Zircons, a zircon is a crystal from Austrilia's Jack hills.Scientists have dated this crystal back to 4.375 billion years ago. That's 165 years before the earth was formed their must be so much we don't know about the crystal.But their is so much more we can learn from it.The zircons provide insight to what the early conditions on earth are like. Questions I have is how did this crystal survive when the earth was lava ,where did it come from, how did it get to earth?

the worlds oldest warship is The Gray Monk

There are 14 worlds on maple currently.

the oldest book was called secrets the oldest book was called secrets

Either Backgammon or Senet is the oldest board game

According to Wikipedia i think the oldest cat was 38.

Brett Favre is currently the oldest active quarterback.

The oldest living person from Mexico is Dominga Velasco, although she currently resides in the United States. She is 113 years old, her birthday being May 12, 1901.

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