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Cute in french?

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What is cute in French?

cute is mignon / mignonne in French.

What is cute in french language?

cute is mignon, mignonne in French

How do you say cute boy in french?

A cute boy is 'un garçon mignon' in French.

What is a cute French name for a girl?

Mignonne is a cute French name for a girl. That's precisely what it means: 'cute'. It's pronounced 'mee-nyuhn'.

How do you say cute little girl in french?

a cute little girl is 'une mignonne petite fille' in French.

What does mignonne mean in french?

mignonne means 'cute' in French

How do they say cute in french?


What is 'C'est mignon' when translated from French to English?

"c'est mignon" means "that's cute" in French. Or "It's cute".

How do you say your dog is cute in french?

Votre chien est mignon cute = joli

What is 'cute' in French?

Mignon is a French equivalent of 'cute'. It's pronounced 'mee-nyoh'. It's the masculine form of an adjective. The feminine form 'mignonne' is pronounced 'mee-nyuhn'.

She is cute in French?

Elle est mignonne

How To Say Cute In French?

mimi, mignon

How do you say cute in French of a girl?


How do you say i was cute in french?

i était mignon

How do you say your cute in french?

go to translate .com

How do you say cute puppy in french?

mignon chiot

How do you say cute lady in french?

dame mignonne

What is the female word for cute in french?

c'est "mignon"

How do you say they are cute in french?

Ils sont mignons

What does mignon mean?

Mignon means 'cute' in French.

How do you say cute house in french?

Jolie maison

How beautiful in French?

Does what you mean is "How to say beautiful in French?"Beau is beautiful.Magnon is cute.I'm learning French. :D

What is 'Jack is cute' in French?

Jacques est mignon is a French equivalent of 'Jack is cute'. The verb 'est' means '[he/she/it] is'. The masculine adjective 'mignon' means 'cute'. All together, they're pronounced 'zhah-keh mee-nyoh'.

How do you say I am Cute in French?

Hola, como estas amigo

HOW TO SAY hes cute in french?

il est mignon