Cybergun airsoft company

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Cybergun is a company that re-sells other manufactures of airsoft guns. Due to their licensing agreements with "real steel" gun companies, they are legally able to import and sell airsoft guns with "reel steel" trademarks.

Cybergun has come under fire for attacking retailers and distributors for areas they believe are infringing upon their trademark licensing. Some of the tactics employed by Cybergun's Legal Defense have been found to be of questionable legality. Any US Retailers or Distributors that have been sent a threat regarding a lawsuit can file a complaint against the Legal Firm. There have been complaints lodged against one such firm in the state of Indiana. In this case, the lawsuit was thrown out of court.

In these types of cases, no "Cease and Desist" order is issued, and rather, they immediately send a letter seeking records of sale for supposed items that infringe upon their trademark. Continued contact from their lawyers comes dangerously close to harassment and in many cases can be used to have a restraining order placed barring them from further contact.

For many hobbyists, the tactics used to seemingly extort money out of retailers along with lower quality items being sold at huge mark-up leaves most hobbyist avoiding them. The majority of Cybergun airsoft guns are geared towards beginner or hobbyists who wish to spend less money. Most experienced hobbyists will avoid them altogether.

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Q: Cybergun airsoft company
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