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Peter I (the Great) dragged Russia out of its medieval torpor and encouraged European learning and technology. By the time of his death, Peter had made Russia a world power.

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Who was the czar of Russia who made Russia a major European power for the first time?

Almost certainly it was Peter the Great; he was the first great westward-looking tsar, defeated the Swedes (a fairly major power at the time led by a military genius of sorts) on the shore of the Baltic and founded St. Petersburg as his European capital.

What are the five major European countries?

The five major European countries today are Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Italy.

What are the major landforms of Russia?

There are a variety of major landforms of Russia. These include the plains of European Russia, the west Siberian plains, the central Siberian Plateau, and the mountains of eastern Siberia.

What are the major rivers that flow through Russia?

Major rivers in the European part of Russia are the Don, the Kama, and a river called the Volga. In the Asian part of Russia, some of the major rivers are the Ob, the Yenisey, the Angara, and the Irtysh.

Russia established itself as a major European power during the?

It would be............... The Napoleonic Wars

What are the major cities of European Russia?

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Archangel, Murmansk etc. see link below

Why is Russia called a European country?

Russia is partially in Europe, though most of it is in Asia. Some of the more significant parts are in Europe, such as Moscow, the capital city, and some other major cities. Siberia is a bleak and sparsely populated area of Russia, and it is mostly in Asia. Culturally Russia is closer to European than Asian elements.

Major religions of Russia?

a major religion of russia is orthodox

What are some major industries of Russia?

What are the major industries in russia !

What are the major deserts in Russia?

Russia has no major true deserts.

What are the major land regions of Russia?

The major land regions are the North European Plains, West Siberian Plain, Central Siberian Plateau, and the East Siberian Uplands.

What are three countries that have major space programs?

The USA, Russia and China are 3, others are India, European Union, UK, and Japan.

What are three major accomplishments of Catherine the Great?

- Westernized the country (Russia) - Expanded the Russian empire - Imported her literature and art from Western European Nations

Why does European Russia have a higher population than Asian Russia and why?

Because most of the Asian side of Russia is taiga, wilderness, and it's pretty young only about 400 years. But european side of russia is ancient part where original cities are still there. The climate plays a major role too, the weather after ural mountain range is more colder in winter so not a lot of people want to live in Siberia.

What are lief ericson's major discoveries and accomplishments?

He was the first European to land in North America.

The first major world power to leave World War 1?

Russia as they were dealing with the Bolshevik Revolution

What were three differences between Russia and western Europe?

One major difference between Russia and Western Europe is that Russia was communist. Another difference is that Russia was part of the Iron Pact, while most of Western Europe was part of N.A.T.O. Western European nations were also able to maintain democracy, while Russia ultimately collapsed and had to adopt a free market system.

The Thirty Years War involved all major European powers except who?

England, Poland, and Russia stayed out of the 30 years war. They didn't have a dog in that fight.

What is the major resource of Russia?

Russia has a lot of natural gas and petroleum.

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