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7171 - for DBS Singapore + POSB


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The swift code for DBS in Singapore is 'DBSSSGSG'.

Bank Name: DBS Bank LtdInstitution Code: 7171Branch Sort Code: 081 (per the branch bank where you open the account)Account Number: XXXXXXXXXRouting Code: 7171081SWIFT code: DBSSSGSG

DBS Bank was created in 1968.

DBS Bank is a financial institution which is located in Singapore. The bank was founded in 1968 but the bank key is not listed.

DBS Bank's population is 14,000.

Name of Beneficiary Bank: DBS Bank Address of Beneficiary Bank: 6 Shenton Way, DBS Building, Singapore 068809 Country: Singapore SWIFT address: DBSSSGSG

DBS Bank - Hong Kong - was created in 2001.

The motto of DBS Bank is 'Living, Breathing Asia'.

A routing number is an address for a bank. If you have an account with the DBS bank of Singapore, the routing number will be on the bottom of a bank slip. If not, call the bank and they will tell you.

Development Bank of Singapore

The Development Bank of Singapore Limited

DBS is a Singaporean bank, but IBAN numbers only exist for European banks

DBS Singapore is a bank in Singapore also known as The Development Bank of Singapore. DBS was founded in 1968 by the government but it is now run by Saskiala and Sappa Santosh. The bank employees over 18,000 people and has an operating income of $7 billion Singapore dollars.

Pay to bank name: DBS BANK LTD, bank address: SINGAPORE, 6 Shenton Way, DBS Building, Singapore 068809 SWIFT Address : DBSSSGSG Beneficiary Account No : you can put mine here, hehe Beneficiary Name : you can put my name here as well

Yes DBS savings account is unique in many ways. It can be opened with an initial deposit or Rp 1 mio. You can withdraw cash across Indonesia and Singapore through various ATM's connected to DBS ATM networks. Also there is fund transfer free within PT Bank DBS Indonesia.

Yes surely. If you have a time deposit with DBS bank you can take a loan against the same. DBS Assetline is an instrument which allows you to take a secured loan against your deposits. You can get flexible terms of repayment plus there are no penalties on prepayment. Also it provides attractive interest rates and it is charged based on usage.

You can go for the DBS bank. It provides personal banking in India and are operated in 12 cities of India.

You would perform an online search using DBS Bank and EMI calculator. The following link would be one found among all the results:https://www.dbs.com/in/treasures/loans/calculators/home-loan-emi-calculator.page

Usually banks offer zero balance bank accounts to customers who have salary accounts with them. I have a zero balance account with DBS and since DBS and POSB are part of the same group, I guess they too will have a zero account balance bank account. You need to submit this bank account to your employer and if they GIRO your salary to this account automatically every month, it should be fine.

DBS stand for Debbie Bike Shop

Aston Martin DBS was created in 1967.

In the UK, DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service. The DBS are responsible for issuing criminal record certificates and making barring decisions.

In terms of criminal record checks, the DBS provider is an organisation who is registered with the Disclosure and Barring Service and is able to provide and process DBS checks either for their own organisation or for multiple organisations. DBS providers able to provide DBS checks for multiple organisations are known as 'Umbrella Bodies'.

DBS of the subthalamic nucleus typically produces better symptomatic results that either DBS to the GPi or pallidotomy.

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