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Flowery language:

flowery language: flowery language or writing uses many complicated words that are intended to make it more attractive

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Define binary language?

binary language is a low level language.

What is define in Tagalog language?

Tagalog translation of define: ipahayag ang kahulugan

Define the phrase the language of design?

It is the blueness of an item.

Define copy as in computer language?

i dint know

Define C as an object oriented language?


Define dtl in sql?

data transaction languagedata transaction languagedata transaction language data transaction languagedata transaction language

Define vulgar language?

Vulgar language - language that displays a lack of manners, taste; coarse and not refined; low-class.

Does xml replace html in the future of world wide web?

XML probably will not replace HTML. XML is a language to define categories of data. HTML is a language to define format.

A set of Rules that define a programming language is called?


How can you define vocabulary?

vocabulary is our or a person style to speak a language

Language religion and customs that define a group?

cultural identity

In Hawaiian language define small?

iki [ee-kee]

What are user define data types and behave like built-in types of a programming language?

classes are user define data types and behave like built-in types of a programming language

How would you define the letters HTML?

Hyper Text Markup Language

What is node in c language?

No such predefined type, so you can define it as you wish.

How would you define advanced language ability?

Linguist, multi-fluency

Can you define a function inside other functions definition in C language?


How can override the precedence define by c language?

by pooing on a rabid cow

How do they greet people?

Please define 'they' first of all. Then, define what language. then, you can see if it is Hello, bonjour, hola, etc. islomic religion

What characteristics define a region?

There are several characteristics that define a region. Some of the common ones include landforms, language, culture and so on.

How do you define 'ribaldry'?

Here is how I define 'ribaldry': NOUN -vulgar or indecent language spoken or written in a humorous or amusing way

What is a formatting language that marks text with a set of tags that define the structure and behavior of a Web document?

HTML is a markup language used for formatting text with a set of tags that define the structure and behavior of a Web document.

Define language processor?

A language processor is a very popular machine. Language processors break down words and sentences and deliver the meaning to the intended viewer.

Diction in twilight the book?

Define that please! Did you want quotes, language, explanations?

Define the role of printf and scanf in c language?

to write and read the values