DOES a pendulum have a periodic motion?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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In actual conditions, a pendulum's motion can be seen as periodic, but decaying.

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Q: DOES a pendulum have a periodic motion?
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Why does a pendulum have periodic motion?

Gravity acts on the pendulum.

What type of motion does a pendulum have?


What is an example of periodic motion?

When something repeats like a pendulum.

How do you measure the frequency of the periodic motion of a pendulum?

you usea themomiter to check.

Which type of motion is exhibited by tortional pendulum?

A torsional pendulum exhibits rotational periodic motion. You can create one by hanging some weight from a cord, and then rotating the weight. The cord becomes twisted, generating a torsion force, that will cause the weight to rotate in the oppopsite direction. Thus, a periodic rotation movement is generated.

What is simpe garmonic motion?

Simple harmonic motion, In mechanics and physics, is a type of periodic motion where the restoring force is directly proportional to the displacement. A good example of this is a pendulum.

20 examples of periodic motion?

20 examples of periodic motion: Ceiling fan Heart beats Clock Moon moving around the earth Child swinging on a swing Ferris wheel going round and round Jumping up and down on a bed Waves Guitar string Vibrating Teeter-totter

What are the examples of the pendulum motion?

transverse wave is an example of pendulum motion.

More differences between simple harmonic motion and periodic motion with practical examples?

because we see that in simple harmonic motion there are trignometric function from which we can define its equation of motion. now we know that these function are periodically but bounded to some conditions that's why all periodic function can not be simple harmonic motions.

What is simple hormonic motion?

Did you mean harmonic motion? Harmonic motion is periodic motion controlled by a force that delays movement in proportion to the amount of displacement that comes from an balanced position. An example with be a pendulum that swings back and forth.

Why time periods is equal of pendulum?

A simple pendulum, ideally consists of a large mass suspended from a fixed point by an inelastic light string. These ensure that the length of the pendulum from the point of suspension to its centre of mass is constant. If the pendulum is given a small initial displacement, it undergoes simple harmonic motion (SHM). Such motion is periodic, that is, the time period for oscillations are the same.

When will the motion of simple pendulum be shm?

The motion of the simple pendulum will be in simple harmonic if it is in oscillation.