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How does your body obtain oxygen?

Our body obtain oxygen to our body by breathing.

What is the structure through which crustacean obtain oxygen?

Crustaceans obtain oxygen through gills.

How do squids obtain oxygen?

They get oxygen from their gills.

Are snail worms?

No, snails are gastropods.

How do gastropods function as decomposers?

How do gastropods function as decomposers?

How do they obtain oxygen?

Who is "they" ?

Where do you obtain oxygen from?

you obtain oxygen from your lungs you could breath through your nose and through your mouth

How does a multicellular organism obtain oxygen?

multicellular organisms obtain their oxygen through the respiratory system

How do humans obtain oxygen?

We obtain oxygen by breathing in fresh air. Carbon dioxide comes out of us.

Does the skeleton obtain oxygen?

No. The skeleton dose not get oxygen

How do pterodactyls obtain oxygen?

Pterodactyls do not obtain oxygen at this time because they are extinct. While they existed, they probably obtained oxygen in the same way that birds today obtain it through the use of lungs.

How do protozoans obtain oxygen?

They absorb the oxygen from the cell which gets its oxygen from the blood