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You can see Dana Barron partially nude in City of industry. But really the actor in the scene with her gets more of an eye-full than you the movie viewer does. Boy he must have some stories to tell I bet. You can also see a newer film of Barron's called The invited. I read she does a full frontal nude scene in that one and not just her rear end and boobs like in City of industry.

Other than City of industry, possibly The invited and peeping in Dana Barron's home window or in a locker-room somewhere there really isn't any where else for you to see her nude. There is a rumor of some nude photos floating around that were put out by an old boyfriend of Barron's, but many think those are doctored photos and aren't real.

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Dana Barron Biography Dana Barron Who is Dana Barron?

See Dana Barron Wikipedia page for accurate info.

Dana Barron Dana Barron Actress Dana Barron Bio?

See Dana Barron Wikipedia page for accurate info.

Dana Barron who is Dana Barron married to?

See Dana Barron Wikipedia page for accurate info.

Dana Barron is an actress?

See Dana Barron Wikipedia page for accurate info.

How tall is Dana Barron?

Dana Barron is 5' 5".

Is Dana Barron dead did Dana Barron pass away?

Yes Dana Barron who played Audrey in National Lampoon's Vacation did indeed pass away. Dana died in 1996.

Did Dana Barron quit acting or is Dana Barron still acting?

No according to several websites Dana Barron no longer acts and hasn't for years. These days Barron is a stay at home mother of 5.

Dana Barron where is she now what is Dana Barron up to?

Dana Barron is an American actress. She grew up in a show business family and began acting in television commercials when she was in elementary school. Barron is in a committed relationship with Michael Vickerman. They have a son, Taylor.

Is Dana Barron going by Stacey Barron now?

NO this information is not accurate.

Actresses called Dana?

Dana Delany, Dana Barron, Dana Goodman, Dana Ceres, Dana Todorovic, Dana Jamison.

Is Dana Barron from Vacation Dead?

Yes Dana Barron who played Audrey Griswold in the original Vacation passed away in 1996 as far as I know. Edit: (Incorrect^^^^) As of 2012 Dana Barron is still alive. Dana Hill is the one who passed away.

Is Dana Barron Gay actress Dana Barron is she gay?

No Dana Barron is not gay. It only seems that way to the outside observer.You're thinking of Jeff Fiorentino the guitarist who she allegedly walked in on participating in a gay act with a male friend of hers. The jury is still out on both of them, but I would bet that if this story is true Dana Barron isn't gay. Neither Jeff or Dana have confirmed or denied this story at the time of this answer. Could go either way I guess.

Dana Barron bio born Stacey Dana Barron actress Dana Barron what is her bio?

Dana Barron born Rebecca Stacey Barron on April 22, 1966 is best known for her role as Audrey in the original Vacation movie with Chevy Chase. Pictured below. Dana Barron and her husband out on the town in Los Angeles. Dana, known to friends and family as little squeaker is a wonderful actress with a long list of credits. Dana Barron is reported to have 5 children and does a great deal of charity work in spite of her busy schedule. Dana has according to many reports that I've read been divorced twice. From doctor to the starts Tom Schmeck and Guitar hero to the morons Jeff Fiorentino. She has also been reported to have dated famed writer director Scott Bickerman, the two allegedly have 1 child. Barron is also well known for her charity work and is always giving back. For more information and probably more accurate less speculative info on Dana Barron visit her wikipedia page and listing on imdb.com.

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