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Dark yellow discahrge

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Q: Dark yellow vaginal discharge
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Do you have increase in discharge when you're pregnant?

Yes, you have increased vaginal discharge while pregnant. If the discharge is green or dark yellow or brownish or blood tinged. Call a doctor.

What is Dark vaginal discharge and cramping?

your period.

Why is urine or vaginal discharge bleaching your underwear?

Vaginal discharge is a natural alkaline that can discolor dark clothes. It is natural and nothing to worry about

Is it normal for teenagers to have yellow mucus discharge?

if it dark its infection

What is dark vaginal discharge and burning?

I'm going to have to say infection an you really should go to a Dr.

Dark brown vaginal discharge?

If you hadn't started your period your period is most likely to start. and if you have.. it might be your time of the month soon

What causes Pasty pink then dark brown vaginal discharge?

Go and see a doctor for professional medical advice. This could be a number of things.

Do you have to get discharge before your first period?

Yes, Its really heavy. It would almost be a dark yellow color.

Is it normall to have dark brown discharge for 2 weeks?

you usually have brownish yellow discharge after having a baby.. mine lasted just under three weeks

What is dark brown vaginal discharge?

It is just "old blood" from the last period. Very common. Or if you haven't started yet, it's probably your first period :)

How long does a female dog discharge after having puppies?

Normal vaginal discharge after parturition should be odorless and may be green, dark red-brown or bloody and may persist in small amounts for up to 8 weeks.

This morning you woke up with a light brown discharge with little dark brown pieces in it What does this mean?

it means u haved a vaginal infection. have it checked out by ur doctor

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