Dashboard warning lights and their meaning?

1. Seat Belt Reminder Light - this symbol appears and remains active as long as the engine is started and the seat belt remains unfastened. (Always remember to BUCKLE UP!)
2. Onboard Diagnostics Indicator (Check engine light) - this symbol states a problem with the engine or gas emissions and requires your car to be serviced. If solid, your system needs to be checked. Bring it to a service department asap. If blinking, STOP driving immediately.
3. Powertrain Malfunction Light - this symbol shows that the powertrain has been damaged and that your car needs to be serviced As Soon As Possible.
4. ABS Warning Light - this symbol is turned on every time there is something wrong with the Anti-Lock Brake System. this is initially activated when the engine is first started but will turn off after a few seconds.
5. Temperature Warning Light - this symbol warns the driver of the possibility of engine overheating. If you see this light, best bet is to pull over and turn the car off to prevent further damage to the engine.
6. Oil Pressure Warning Light - this symbol is turned on if a problem is detected with the oil pressure. Similar to the Temperature Warning Light, we recommend you pull over almost immediately when safe conditions allow.
7. Brake System Alert Light - this symbol indicates a problem with the braking system. Our suggestion is to limit your driving and get your car to a service department.
8. Battery Warning Light - this symbol let's the driver know there is an issue concerning the battery charging system. Bring your car in as soon as possible.
9. Warning Light - this symbol shows up when there is an unidentified problem with your car. Have your car serviced by a Lester Glenn certified technician so we may identify and fix the problem.
10. Low Fuel Light - this symbol informs the driver that the fuel level is very low and only has a few miles until empty. Find the closest gas station and fill'er up!
11. Tire Pressure Monitor Light - this symbol means that your tire pressure is low. Find the closest gas station with an air pump or stop by a Lester Glenn service department and ask about filling your tires with Nitrogen. Nitrogen maintains a more constant tire pressure.
12. Open Doors Indicator Light - this symbol let's you know that you have one or more doors open. Make sure all your doors are closed properly.
13. Low Windshield Washer Fluid Light - this symbol indicates that your washer fluid level is low. Pick up some washer fluid and follow your Owner's Manual on how to top it off or stop by one of our service departments and we will gladly assist you.