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Read/write pad

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Q: Data is written to and read from a floppy disk via a magnetic?
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Why do credit card have a magnetic strip on the back?

the magnetic strip on the back of credit cards r use to store information about the card holders account the information is stored in the form of magnetic field same as that in a floppy disk or a tape cassete

What is the difference between a disk sector and a track sector?

A magnetic disk is organized with circles called tracks. These tracks (think of the race track around a field) are the path followed by the magnetic head when reading and writing the signal. The data is organized into short sections, called sectors. This is just a convenient size of data, rather like a page is a convenient size within a book. When you read or write data, you do not need to follow the whole track as it spins, just as many sectors as contained the data you are interested in. On the most modern disks, each track holds a megabyte, more or less, and each sector is typically 4096 bytes. The whole disk may have hundreds of thousands of tracks.

Process of marking tracks and sectors to prepare the disk to receive data is called the disk?


What uses short bursts of a magnetic field to produce images?

the magnetic resonance imaging, also abbrieviated as: M.R.IA digital camera uses short bursts of a magnetic field to produce images. The images are then stored on a disk or other memory source within the camera. The disk can then be inserted into most computers to download the images.

What is the magnetised circle on a floppy disk called?

It's called a mx-saz-paz (technical term) cylindral sazzy for general term

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What is floppy disk storage methods?

Floppy disks use magnetic disk to store the data.

Is floppy disk considered magnetic media?

In a way, yes. The material that makes up the "disk" in a floppy is Mylar, a magnetic substance. Data is stored on the Mylar disk in the form of magnetic charges.

What is a small plastic magnetic disk used to store data?

Its called a floppy disk.

Is floppy disc optical storage?

No. Floppy disks are magnetic media that rely on magnetic polarization to write data to the disk much like a hard drive. Unlike CD media they can be erased by a strong magnet field that effectively scrambles the data tracks.

Which tool could potentially cause data loss on hard disk or floppy drives?

a magnetic screwdriver

Does a floppy disk drive use laser beam to read and wright?

No. A laser is not used to read or right to a floppy disk.The laser is usedto read and right data to an optical disk such as a dvd or cd. The floppy disk is a magnetic storage medium. A read right head is basically a small coil. When a current is passed thru the read/right head, itgenerates a magnetic field which aligns the small particles on the floppy disk in one of two directions. the direction of the particle indicates a 1 or 0which is the essence of data on a computer. to find out more details of the construction of a floppy disk and how data is saved, google floppy disk.

True statement about formatting a floppy disk for the first time?

Formatting prepares a floppy disk to store data

The memory devices of computers such as hard disks and floppy disk drives use materials to store data?


What are examples of magnetic and non-magnetic storage media?

Magnetic Storage:Hard disk drive (HDD)Floppy disk drive (FDD)Data Tape backupMiniDV tapeCassette tapeThe magnetic stripe on the back of a credit or debit cardNon-magnetic Storage:Solid-state drive (SSD)Flash memory cardUSB flash driveOptical media (DVD, CD and BluRay)Punch cards

Which storage device use magnetic film or aluminum platters for storing data?

Hard Disk Drive, Floppy Drive

Is there Application of magnetic material in floppy disk?


Hard disk floppy disk and tape storage technologies can be classified as?