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Q: Deanery when was the school built?
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What is the motto of Deanery High School?

Deanery High School's motto is 'Valuing the past, improving the present, founding the future'.

When was Deanery Garden created?

Deanery Garden was created in 1901.

What is Preston Deanery's population?

Preston Deanery's population is 51.

When was Orlando Deanery Boychoir created?

Orlando Deanery Boychoir was created in 1981.

Where can one find information on the Mersey Deanery?

One can find information on the Mersey Deanery by researching it online or going to the Mersey Deanery Home site which is merseydeanery.nhs which is a site located in the UK.

What is a deanery and what is its purpose?

A Deanery could be a group of parishes presided over by a rural dean, or it could be the home of a Dean..

When was tincurrin school built?

The Tincurrin School was built in 1922

What was dining like in the middle ages?

it was like siting at a fine deanery.

When was maypole secondary school built?

maypole school was built in 1678

What was the first school ever to be built?

the Mather Elementary School was the first school ever built

When was brynamman school built?

Brynamman school was first built in the year 1953.

When was Puhinui School first built?

Puhinui school was first built in 1956.