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Death Valley is in the United States.

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Where is Death Valley in your country?

it is not in my country

What is the country of Death Valley?

Death Valley is in the state of Nevada in the United States of America.

Which continent is Death Valley in?

America, USA is the country

Where is the least humid place in the country?

If by "The Country" you mean the USA it is Death Valley.

What is the half way point between Albuquerque to Los Angeles?

DEATH valley DEATH valley DEATH valley DEATH valley DEATH valley :):):):):P

Is the Death Valley a dessert?

Death Valley is a desert valley in Eastern California, in the northern Mojave Desert, bordering the Great Basin Desert.

Is Death Valley a national park?

Death Valley along with Eureka Valley comes under Death Valley National Park.

Is Death Valley the biggest Valley in California?

Death Valley is not the biggest valley in California. The central valley is the biggest.

Is death valley in central valley?

No, Death Valley is in the arid desert of California.

Which continent is the Death Valley in?

Death Valley is in the U.S.A.

Is death valley in Canada?

No. Death valley is in California

What is the address of Death valley?

there is no address of the death valley

Where was Death Valley located?

death valley is located in california

Is death valley a dessert?

Er . . . no. Death Valley is a desert.

What desert contains death valley?

death valley is a desert!

What city is Death Valley located in?

Death Valley, California

When was Into the Valley of Death created?

Into the Valley of Death was created in 2002.

Is death valley a real valley?

Death Valley is a real valley in the Mojave Desert. It is named "Death Valley" because it's really really hot there and it is below sea level.

Why isn't death valley a mountain?

because it is a valley. --- Death Valley is surrounded by mountains, however.

What animals eat grass in Death Valley?

There isn't much grass in death valley. No animals heance the name "Death Valley"

Is Death Valley in Africa?

Death Valley is not on Africa , according to the research I made, death valley is located in the Mojave dessert of California

Which region is Death Valley located in?

Death Valley is located in CA.

What is the lowest point in the western hemisphere?

death valley Death Valley

Where is the lowest point in the United states?

death valley

Is there a death valley in Pennsylvania?

No. Death Valley is a specific location in California.