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When seahorses are in a storm, they can't do anything about it. But, if they are near a predator, they will use camouflage to change blend in with their surroundings.

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What are the release dates for Defence Mechanism - 2008?

Defence Mechanism - 2008 was released on: USA: 2008

What are porcupines defence mechanism?

porcupines defense mechanism is that they can shoot out their quills

Does sharks have a defence mechanism?


What is the elephants defence mechanism?

The tusks.

What is a snakes defence mechanism?


What actors and actresses appeared in Defence Mechanism - 2008?

The cast of Defence Mechanism - 2008 includes: Marc Bzduch as Nomad

What is lion's defence mechanism?

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Why does a lion have a loose skin?

Its a defence mechanism.

What is the defense mechanism of tundra swans?

Like all birds, the defence mechanism is to fly away.

What is the defence mechanism used by a skunk?

Skunks use their spray as a defense mechanism when trapped or pursued

What is the name given to the bodys defence mechanism?

immune system

What is a chameleon's defense mechanism?

Chameleons change colour for defence

Describe an adaptation that benefits a plant?

Defence mechanism of the plant

What is a 'Defence mechanism'?

It is the phenomena of body to fight against forigen particles or cells and with diseases. The term used for defence mechanism is IMMUNITY the latin word which means freedom from disease.

What does defense mechanisim mean?

An animals defence mechanism is its way of protecting itself against predators for example, some insects and snakes squirt venom to ward of enemies, this is their defence mechanism.

What insect can emit a bad odor as a defence mechanism?

The shieldbug or stinkbug.

What does white sharks use for there defence mechanism?

Move toward the prey

What is the point of stinky cheese?

to stop ou eating it. It is a self defence mechanism

Can a poisonous animal poison itself?

no, because its organism is producing the poison as a defence mechanism

How can humans use the defence mechanism of plants?

they use the poision to kill each auther

How do tusks on an elephant help it survive?

Elephants use their tusks as a defence mechanism if they are attacked

Why does a rattlesnake bite a human?

Typically, it is a defence mechanism. In other words, they feel threatened.

Why do hedghogs curl up in a ball?

It's a defence mechanism just leaving the spikes exposed.

What are turrets used for in a castle?

turrets were used as a defence mechanism to block things like boulders

Is cork produced by plants of animals?

It comes from plants, it is a kind of defence mechanism like sap

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