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Define Organic and Inorganic?


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organic compounds are substances that have carbon in them. inorganic compounds don't.

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organic compounds are substances that have carbon in them. inorganic compounds are substnces that don't have carbon in it.

inorganic materials is non-biological materials. they are formed due to natural growth.

could be inorganic or organic

It can be organic or inorganic.

Usually it is inorganic but there are circumstances where it can be organic.

they are both organic and inorganic

Inorganic. If it was organic it would have to have a Carbon in it.

organic materials dissolve in organic solvents inorganic materials dissolve in inorganic solvents

An autotroph is an organism that can form organic substances from inorganic substances. A heterotroph is an organism that gets its nutrients from complex organic substances.

Water is an inorganic substance with the molecular formula H2O. Elements are not inorganic or organic. It is the compounds made from elements that are either inorganic or organic.

Inorganic. Organic compounds contain Carbon.

Basically, organic compounds have carbon. Inorganic do not.

contains both organic and inorganic compounds.

contains both organic and inorganic compounds.

Is amino acids organic of inorganic

there are organic acids and inorganic acids

Inorganic. Organic is carbon-based.

ch4 is organic or inorganic compound?

it has an organic macrocycle and an inorganic metal at the centre

Neither organic nor inorganic

is sodium chlorid organic or inorganic

Ethanol is organic, not inorganic.

rocks can be both organic and inorganic. However, i think that mast are inorganic

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