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A Homogeneous mixture of two or more substances.

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Define saturated solution?

the solution which is saturated that is it has a solid added in it

How do you define answer?

The solution to a question or problem

Define hypotonic solution?

A solution that causes cells to increase their fluid intake.

How do you define dilute solution?

a solution that has a small amount of solute compared to the amount of solvent

What word is used to define when water moves from a dilute solution to a concentrated solution?


What is unsaturated solution define simply?

A solution where you could dissolve more solute if you tried.

How would you classify or define a solution?

First, you need to define Solution. A solution is made up of two parts; solute, and a solvent. The solute is the substance being dissolved, the solvent is the substance it's being dissoved in.

When writing a problem and solution essay it is important to gather details that are?

define the problem and clarify the solution ;)

Define to work out a math problem?

To work out a correct solution to a problem.

Define concentration of solution?

amount of solute dissolve in liter of solvent

How do you define solute solvent and solution by describing the process of dissolving a solid in a liquid.?

A solution is formed from a solute dissolved in a solvent.

Is a solution of barium bromide be acidic basic or neutral?

define BE (Be -2 to 2 )

Short type questions and answers in chemistry?

Define Buffer solution with example

How would you define solute and solvent?

A solute is dissolved by a solvent to create a solution.

In 1883 how did Arrhenius define acids and bases?

Acids produce hydronium ions in solution, and bases produce hydroxide ions in solution.

Define super saturated solution?

A supersaturated solution is one that contains more of a solute than would be present at equilibrium under the conditions of temperature and pressure prevailing in the solution.

What is the solution 10 equals x?

your solution is x=10. solving algebra means you define what the variable means. 10=x is already there.

How would you define solute in chemistry?

Solute in chemistry means the substance that dissolves in a solution.

What is the define of hydorxide ion?

the negatively charged ion OH of any base in a water solution

Define technological innovation?

Technological innovation means to develop a better solution for a current problem or situation. This solution will come through effective new products.

5 year question paper with solution of bsc-it of ptu dep?

define psychology and its method ?

Define a colligative property?

Colligative property: a property that depends solely on the number of particles added, not on the identity of the particles themselves.These include:* vapor pressure of a solution* boiling point of a solution* freezing point of a solution* osmotic pressure

What are the steps in a design process?

1) Define your problem 2) Gather Information 3) Develop possible solutions 4) Model a solution 5. Test and evaluate the solution 6) Refine the solution 7. Communicate the idea

What are the step in quantitative analysis?

Define problem, develop model, optain data, develop solution, solve equtions, test solution, analize results, implement results and change if necessary

How do you define weak acid?

An acid that does not disassociate completely in solution, that is the protons are not donated completely in solution as a strong acid would be. Some weal acids only donate about 1% of their protons to the solution. They are weak conductors of electricity because of this characteristic.

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