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the controlled variables are the factors that are kept constant during an experiment. if they are not kept constant then they may affect the outcome of the experiment. the manipulated variable is the factor that is different between the experiment and the control. the responding variable is the variable that is being measured in the experiment.

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categorical variablesquantitative variablesordinal variablesthere are more common ones like...Controlled/constant variable-Variables that do not change at all!Manipulated/independent variable-Variables that change (intentionally) in order to see their effect on another variable.Responding/depending variable-Is measured quantitatively or qualitatively and is affected by the independent variables.Hope this helps.

condition that changes in response to the manipulated variable in an experiment.

an experiment in which only the manipulated and responding variable are allowed to change and conditions are kept the same.

Experimental research is often defined as an experiment in which there is one manipulated variable and the rest of the variables are random or control. It is part of the scientific method.

Responding variable is a dependent.Variable is a condition that can change as the result of an independent variable's alteration.

a factor that can be varied or manipulated in an experiment :) - Ashleigh

yes we can define a variable in an interface in java.

A variable is any factor, trait, or condition that can exist in differing amounts or types. An experiment usually has three kinds of variables: independent, dependent, and controlled.

Your tablet has been trolled hahahahaha

a variable is a letter that stand for another number

Controlled group is a group that is separated from the rest of the experiment. This is done in science.

Internal validity is higher when you stop confounding variables interfering with the experiment (things that effect the results). Internal validity occurs when a researcher controls all confounding variables and the only variable influencing the results of a study is the one being manipulated by the researcher. This means that the variable the researcher intended to study is indeed the one affecting the results and not something else.

It is used to define or set values to variables.

an area directly controlled by the central govt.

a) Define the concept of culture. Also describe the national cultural variables and individual cultural variables with examples.

Yes, you would need to define your variables. Also initialize them

The endogenous variables value is established by the conditions of the other variables in the structure. The exogenous variables value in independent of the conditions of the other variables in the structure. The difference between the endogenous and exogenous variables is the endogenous depends solely on the structure and the exogenous depend on outside elements.

A dependent variable is what you measure in the experiment and how it is affected. The dependent variable responds to the independent variable.

Pisciculture is the rearing and breeding of fishes under controlled condition.

You need two variables to define a rate.

a private sector is a company that is not owned or controlled by the goverment

Degree and direction of relationship between two or more variables is known as correlation.

examples of stock variables and flow variables stock: saving,capital,labour force, wage rate, flow: income,investment,balance of payment

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