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A natural ecosystem is one that occurs without any outside influences. Humans are the main inhibitors of most natural ecosystems.

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Define Ecosystem in terms of inputs and outputs?

define output and input ecosystem/

Define and compare the term species population and ecosystem?

define and compare the term species, population, and ecosystem

Define the concept of an ecosystem?

need help

Advantages and disadvantages of ecosystem?

define ecological threats

Define a natural event?

it is natural is it from earth

Can you define the word niche?

Niche - a organism that has a role in the ecosystem

Define it ecosystem?

a community of organisms together w/ their physical environment.

Define abiotic and biotic factors?

biotic factors are living things that serve in a ecosystem and an a biotic factor that cant serve in a ecosystem

Define biotic and a biotic factor?

biotic factors are living things that serve in a ecosystem and an a biotic factor that cant serve in a ecosystem

Define - in situ?

natural placement

Define natural calamities?

it is the harmful events caused by the nature or natural disasters

Define natural numbers?

A natural number Is a pure number like water

Why is ecosystem difficult to define?

It applies to a vast number of areas with many different traits.

Can anybody define light?

define light and vision in relation to natural light and artificial light.

Define wild animals?

Living in their natural habitat

Define food chain?

: shows the freeding relationship between producers and consumers in the same ecosystem.

Define artificial ecosystem?

The definition of an artificial ecosystem refers to an environment that is created by humans which has people, animals and plants. A good example is a man-made lake or zoos.

Define habitat for the ecosystem?

A habitat is a place where a living thing can find food , shelter , protection and mates.

Define desert ecosystem?

A desert ecosystem is very dry and hot, but may get cold at night. There is not a lot of moisture, so animals and plants must be adapted to conserve water.

How do you define a natural satellite?

A natural satellite is a small body of rock or sometimes gas that orbits a planet.

Define a natural region?

A natural region is defined as a vast area that is covered with natural beauty. This is a region that does not have any human interferences on its features.

Define virgin vegetation and natural vegetation?

The definition was not found in the dictionary.

What affects the world?

I would definitely define gays as a natural disaster.

How would you define man made ecosystem?

A man made ecosystem is an area that is created by humans with a specific arrangement that allows for a cohesive interactivity between living and non-living organisms. Examples of a man made ecosystem are parks, campgrounds, zoos and aquariums.

Define ecosystem or ecological system?

Ecosystem Oracle logical system required to a region where living organisms interact with non living components of the environment by any material between them. In other words ecosystem is the complex of a community of organisms and their physical environment with which they interact. The term Ecosystem was coined by A.G. Tansley in 1935. The various synonyms used by ecologists for ecosystem biocoenosis microcosmic

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