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Electromagnetic radiation a kind of radiation that includes visible light, radio waves, gamma rays, and X-rays. The electric and magnetic fields vary simultaneously in this type of radiation.

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Q: Define the term electromagnetic radiation
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What is the term for energy emitted electromagnetic wave?


What is the term for heat transfer the movement of electromagnetic waves?


What does the term photon refer to?

the particle nature of electromagnetic radiation.

What term is energy emitted as electromagnetic waves?

That would be "radiation".

Who define light?

In weight it is means it is not heavy. In physics it is electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation.

What is electromagnet composed of?

Electromagnetic radiation is composed of electrons and photons. Since electromagnetic radiation can display wave as well as particle properties, the manner in which the radiation is presenting itself, and the way it is measured, will define which component or what ratio the components are present.

What is the term for heat transfer because of the movement of electromagnetic wave?


What is the scientific term for light?

"electro-magnetic radiation" "electro magnetic radiation" em radiation

What is the term for electromagnetic radiation that carries enough energy to remove electrons from matter?

We call that ionizing radiation.

What term is used to describe a perfect radiator and absorber of electromagnetic radiation?


What is electromagnetic radiation that has no mass?

All electromagnetic radiation lacks mass. We sometimes use the term photon to refer to light, which is a form of electromagnetic energy. Light has no mass. None.

How do you define a star in astronomy?

A star is any hydrostatically stable plasma that generates heat and electromagnetic radiation by nuclear fusion.