Definition of a magnet

Updated: 9/26/2023
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A magnet is a material or object that produces a magnetic field.

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Q: Definition of a magnet
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Definition of temporary magnet?

A magnet that isn't always a magnet.

What is the definition of eletro magnet?

A magnet that becomes energised when an electric current is passed through it.

How is a electromagnet diffrent then a permanent magnet?

By definition an electromagnet is only working when it has a supply of electricity, a Permanent Magnet is always a magnet

What is polarity definition for kids?

opposites attracting, like a magnet.

Is magnet is a good conductor of electricity?

Conductor of electricity is sort of the definition of a magnet. Magnets conduct electrical fields; it is what makes them magnets, in very simple terms.

What is the scientific definition of magnetism?

magnetism is a strange force from the center of the earth attracting every single magnet on the earth, it also acts as a compass to a magnet. if you take a magnet tie it to a string it will go north direction and it also act as a very concentrated metal meaning it can attract on its own.

Name a suitable finish for ferrous?

It is a word that stands alone. Definition; containing iron. Also if it is a ferrous material a magnet will stick to it.

What is the definition of magnetic reversal?

The revels of the Earths magnet poles that has occurred at Irregular intervals averaging approximately one millions years.

Why aren't all magnets magnetic?

A magnet is by definition magnetic. What was a magnet may now be simply a piece of steel or iron, since losing its magnetism makes it not a magnet anymore. An electromagnet is only magnetic when it has current running through it, and is not magnetic when turned off.

What is the definition of a magnet?

A permanent magnet is a magnet that has been manufactured to "permanently" hold its magnetic field. Ferromagnetic material of a desired shape is heated above its Curie point, exposed to a large electromagnetic field, and cooled slowly while being held in that field. This allows the magnetic domains in the material to align themselves with the field of the electromagnet. Further, when the material cools below its Curie point, the magnetic domains will remain in the position they are in when the electromagnet is shut off. The magnet is now a permanent magnet; the magnet "holds" the magnetic field "imprinted" on it.

What is the definition of magnetic keepers?

A magnetic keeper is a strip of soft iron or steel which is placed across the poles of a permanent magnet to help preserve the magnetism.

What is the definition Characteristics of magnet?

The loadstone; a species of iron ore (the ferrosoferric or magnetic ore, Fe3O4) which has the property of attracting iron and some of its ores, and, when freely suspended, of pointing to the poles; -- called also natural magnet., A bar or mass of steel or iron to which the peculiar properties of the loadstone have been imparted; -- called, in distinction from the loadstone, an artificial magnet.