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Equipment in a generic Industrial plant setting which remain static and do not rotate during the course of operation are known as static equipment's.

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2012-08-14 09:05:19
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Q: Definition of static equipment
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What is the difference between static and rotating equipment?

Static equipment is equipment with no moving parts, such as a steam ejector. Rotating equipment has moving parts. An example of rotating equipment is a compressor.

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What is the definition of static menu?

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What is static equipment design?

Mechanical design of static equipment is checking the safety of the equipment as per standard code for given conditions.And its decide the sizing of the equipments.

Is transformer a device or an equipment?

it is a static device..

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What is the definition of flexible ac transmission systems?

A flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTS) is a system composed of static equipment used for the AC transmission of electrical energy

How do you calculate static pressure if only CFM are given?

The CFM of the equipment are given, how to calculate Static Pressure for it.

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