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Definition of theme and variation?


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in music the theme is the original composition of music that has not been changed

the variation is the theme changed by adding more notes, harmonising, changing the ryhthm etc, but it still has to be recognisable as the original theme


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The definition 4 constant of variation is: the constant factor in the definition of the function.

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A short definition for theme is "the message." As you can see theme is in the definition.

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A variation can mean something that is slightly different from similar items of its type (also a variant or variety).It can also apply to a difference itself (e.g. a variation in temperature).In mathematics, variation is the function that compares values among variables.In music, a variation is an altered form, or one of several versions with a common theme.

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The definition of theme is an amusement park

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His Sonata in G Opus 14 No.2 has a theme and variation in the Second Movement

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