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Q: Degree 2 nd year bsc important questions according to ou university?
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Does Alex Trebek have a doctorate?

Yes according to the related link he has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Ottawa

Is degree of headway university is recognized in India?

dont ask this type of questions you idiot.....

How do you get all the question papers for degree final year osmania university?

corporate Questions paper pattern

Important questions for bsc maths?

i want degree second year mathematics important questions with chapter wise means B.S.C second year mathematics important questions list have to come not reverse question ok

What is Joe Biden's education?

According to the Boston Globe on Aug. 24,2008: Bachelor's degree in history and political science, University of Delaware, 1965; law degree, Syracuse University, 1968.

What school do you go to to get a master degree?

Any university will offer master's degree programs. At that level, though, it is much more important who you choose as your thesis advisor than the university you go to.

How do you write your signature with a master's degree in Human Resource Management?

It depends on where you obtained the degree, the specific school, the specific program, and what the school indicated the degree type was. While their are common degree types, they may vary according to country and institution.

Is it mentioned on degree of headway university that it is a distant learning degree or they give degree as campus degree?

Headway University is an accredited online university that provides degree in a range of industry preferred majors. Degrees that are conferred by Headway University are as worthy as any other traditional university degree. The degree courses are instructed online; however the degree that student will receive will be as good as any other campus based university degree.

Does BA degree refer to university degree?

A BA is a Bachelor of Arts, which is indeed a university degree.

Is master's degree an university degree?

Yes, it is. You must go to a University to obtain a Master's degree

Which universities in England offer a Human Resources degree?

According to What Uni?, an independent league table of British universities, there are 67 universities in England that offer a Human Resources degree. If we consider the top five universities that offer this degree we can see that places are available all over the country. Examples include: Aston University, Northumbria University, University of Sunderland, University of Plymouth and University of Worcester.

How much does a statistician earn?

According to my stat 4163 professor at University of Central Florida, the average starting salary for a statistician holding a master's degree is $65,000. According to my stat 4163 professor at University of Central Florida, the average starting salary for a statistician holding a master's degree is $65,000.