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The control is the variable that stays the same.

The independent variable is the thing(s) that is being changed in the experiment.

(don't have too many independent variables o your experiment will not work correctly).

The dependant variable is the variable that depends the on the independent variable for the experiment.

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Independent and dependent are types of what?

Independent and dependent are types of variables. These variables are used mostly in science and math. When using independent variables you can control them dependent variables you cannot.

What are controlled independent and dependent variables?

control variables: the things that are not changing.Independent variables: the things that you change.Dependent variables: the things that are changed due to the independent variable

Distinguish between independent and dependent variables?

They are respectively the ones you control (independent) and the ones you mesure (dependent).

How does independent and dependent variables differ?

Independent variables are always consistent, whereas dependent variables are dependent upon what the independent variable is.

How do you pick out independent variables and dependent variables?

An Independent variable is what you control; you decide the focus of your experiment and what you control on the independent variable. Dependent variable is what you want to look at or find results for; you decide what you want to see from manipulating your independent variable.

What is the difference between control independent and dependent variables?

One is controlled by the scientist (dependent) other isn't (independent)

What is the differecnce between independent variables and dependent variables?

Every time the independent variables change, the dependent variables change.Dependent variables cannot change if the independent variables didn't change.

What are the three variables in an experiment?

The three variable in an experiment are independent, dependent, and controlled. The independent is the variable you control, the dependent is the variable that will change according to the independent. The control is kept constant so they do not affect the dependent.

Independent and dependant variables?

No, Independent and Dependent variables

The difference between the independent and dependent variables?

Independent variables are variables that can be changed in an experiment, while dependent variables are variables that change as a result of an experiment. In other words, independent variables are what you change, and dependent variables are the results of the experiment.

How do the independent and dependent variables in an experiment compare?

the independent variable controls the dependent variables

In science what is a dependent or an independent?

Dependent variables and independent variables refer to values that change in relationship to each other. The dependentvariables are those that are observed to change in response to the independent variables. The independent variables are those that are deliberately manipulated to invoke a change in the dependent variables. In short, "if x is given, then yoccurs", where x represents the independent variables and y represents the dependent variables.(answers.com)

What is the relationship between independent and dependent variables?

The relationship between independent and dependent variables is constant. The independent variables are not affected and do not change while dependent variables rely on something or a particular change.

What is independent variables?

The independent variable is the one you control or the one you are using to predict the value of other related variables. Dependent variables assume their values depending on the value of the independent variable.

13 What is the relation between dependent and independent variables?

Independent variables are those that you change in an experiment. Dependent variables are the ones that you measure in an experiment. Dependent variables are influenced by the independent variables that you change, so they are dependent upon the independent variable. Generally, experiments should have only one independent variable.

What is a control in a science fair project?

What To Compare Your Answers With dependent and independent variables

What are the three types of variables?

Control Variable, Independent Variable, Dependent Variable.

What are the independent and dependent variables of how fertilizer affects plant growth?

The independent variable is the thing you are testing or the thing you control. The dependent variable is what you are measuring.

What are independent variables and dependent variables?

dependent variable is the thing you measure in an experiment and a independent is the one you change.

What are the independent and dependent variables of the experimental group and the control group?

independent variables are the variable in the experiment that are not changed; the dependent variable is dependent on the change, they are the variable that are experimented on. The experimental group is the one that is being tested on. the control group is used as a basis for what changes are taking place

Where are the independent and dependent variables graphed?

Independent variables are usually graphed on the x axis and dependent variables are graphed on the y axis.

What are the four variables in a science experiment?

The control, the constant, the independent variable, and the dependent variable.

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