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Q: Describe how baleen whales take in their food?
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How do Baleen Whales feed?

They use their baleen plates (teeth) to filter out the food in the water they take in.

1.What special feature does a baleen whale have to let it eat the food it eat the food it wants?

Baleen Whales filter their food. They are filter feeders. They take in a lot of water and their baleen plates filter the food from the water.

Do baleen whales eat dolphins?

Baleen whales don't eat Dolphins. Baleen whaled can't eat Dolphins. Baleen whales are filter feeders. They don't have the teeth to take a dolphin apart, and can't swallow anything that big.

How do whales eat because they don't have teeth?

Some whales have teeth (e.g. killer whales) and others have baleen (e.g. blue whales). Baleen works as a filter that catches small organisms as the water passes through it. Generally the whale will take in a large volume of water, close its mouth and force the water back out of the mouth (passing it through the baleen). What remains are the organisms the whale uses as its food resource.

Do Baleen whales eat hammerhead sharks?

Baleen whales are filter feeders. They can't swallow anything larger than a grapefruit. And they don't have any teeth to take a shark apart with. So no.

What is the difference between the blue whale and the killer whale?

There are two distinct groups of whales, toothed and baleen whales. The baleen whale is a baleen whale due to its baleen plates in the mouth instead of teeth. The killer whale has teeth which means it chews its food and eats larger animals. The blue whale eats krill and other little organisms floating in the water. The baleen plates allow the whale to take in water and the krill and pushes the water through the plates which hold back the krill and other larger organisms, it then swallows the food that was left behind. This is the main distinction between the two whales.

Do great white sharks eat baleen whales?

Yes, but usually after the whale dies. They will take whales calves if unattended, but this is rare.

What is a baleen whale?

Baleen whales are a group of whales that are filter feeders. Instead of teeth they have baleens which are long plates acting as a sieve. They take a big gulp of water and filter out the krill, small fish etc and swallow.

What whale does not eat humans?

People have been killed by whales, but i don't think there are any recorded cases of a human actually being eaten. Whales come in two groups, toothed whales and baleen whales - filter feeders. (some of) The toothed family of whales does have the mouths and teeth to take a human apart into bite-sized portions, so these at least have the possibility of eating humans. But for the baleen whales I don't think it's even anatomically possible.

Is a sperm whale a toothed whale or baleen whale?

The sperm whale is a toothed whale. The sperm whale could be the biggest animal in in existence that has teeth. It has big teeth (in it's lower jaw) to catch and eat large prey, such as the giant squid. Baleen is not a tooth, but, is a flexible plate, and baleen whales have many of them in the front of the mouths. Baleen whales, such as the blue whale, eat very small animals such as plankton by taking large amounts of water into their mouths. The whales then strain the water through their baleen, which traps the plankton inside, which are then swallowed. Whalers who caught sperm whales in the past, would sometimes take the large teeth and make drawings on them.

What do toothless whales eat?

Toothless whales, also called baleen whales, eat small marine organisms called zooplankton that occur in huge numbers in the ocean. When feeding, these whales open up their mouths and take in huge gulps of both zooplankton and water. The water is filtered through the baleen "plates" that act like colanders to let the water out and the zooplankton stays behind in the whales mouth. The zooplankton are then swallowed. They can eat from 5 to eight tons of zooplankton per day!

What are the throat grooves on a whale for?

Large species like blue and fin whales are called "baleen" whales, due to the structure of plates in the mouth. The whale catches food by opening its mouth and swimming through a school of tiny crustaceans called krill. In order to do this, it must also take in a huge amount of water, which it then pushes back out while the baleen plates trap the tiny krill. The slits are folds of skin that allow that massive expansion of the mouth as the whale takes in the krill and water.

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