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Here is a description of image formation in a concave mirror: if the object is beyond the center of curvature (F), the image formed is real and upside down; if the object is very near to the concave mirror, the image forms behind the mirror. It is virtual, upright, and bigger in size. Here is a description of image formation in a convex mirror: a convex mirror always produces a virtual, upright, and smaller image of the object at any distance in front of it. The image is located behind the mirror.

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Q: Describe the images formed in a concave mirror and in a convex mirror?
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How do images formed by a concave lens and convex mirror different?

Convex: Makes images smaller Concave: Makes images larger. Eventually as you take it away from the image it flips the image.

What generalization can you make regarding the nature of the images formed by convex mirror?

the image will be Unreal. Concave mirrors form a real and inverted image where in tn convex mirrors the images are unreal.

Five difference between a concave mirrors and convex mirrors?

Concave Vs Convex 1. Mercury coating will be made on the convex side but here on concave side. So reflecting portion would become concave and here convex 2. Both real and virtual images but only virtual images 3. Both diminished, enlarged and even same size images formed but only diminished. 4. Both inverted (real) and erect (virtual) images but only erect images. 5. Used as shaving mirror and in telescopes but used as rear view mirror

Is a convex lens more like a convex mirror or a concave mirror in the way it produces images?

Closely Convex mirror like to be a mirror than concave mirror.

Can you Describe the images formed in a concave mirror?

The concave mirror focusses images to its focal point. So the images formed are real inverted and increases in size as the distance between the aperture and the object decreases. When the object is placed between the focus and the aperture the image formed is virtual erect and magnified.

How do images formed by a concave lens and convex mirror compare?

Both give diminished, virtual, erect image. Hence convex mirror is used as rear view glass in case of vehicles near by the drivers. Concave lens is used to correct short sightedness.

Difference between convex and concave lens?

The difference between concave and convex is that convex lenses are the type of lens that make images bigger, while concave make images smaller. Still confused, maybe this will help. When you think of concave think of a cave, how you can see a small image at the end of the cave, while convex is the opposite.

Is a dental mirror concave or convex?

concave mirrors are used as dental mirrors. this is because concave mirrors produce highly magnified images which is useful in obtaining larger view of teeth and gums.

What types of images are produced by a concave mirror?

A concave mirror is dished in ward. A convex mirror domed. Both images will be distorted in size from actuality. A convex mirror will give a wider view of what you are looking at in the mirror. A concave mirror will compress and magnify the image being viewed.

Compare the image formed by a concave lens and the image formed by a convex mirror?

the image formed by convex lens are real but the images formed by concave lens are virtual concave mirror are commonly used in to torches search light and vehicles headlights to get powerful parallel beam of light they are often used as a wing a to see a larger image of the face the dentist use a concave mirrors to see larger image of that is open send large can give are used to concentrate sunlight to produce heat in solar furnace

Similarity between convex lens and concave lens?

they are both lenses and form images

does a concave lens usually produces real images?

Convex(converging) lenses can form either real or virtual images.