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First you have to scrape away the stinger and poison sac with a sharp edge like a knife blade. An ice pack should make you feel better. It is important to remove the stinger as soon as you are stung, because it will continue to pump poison, and physically edge its way further in, for about a minute afterwards.

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Q: Describe the process one must go through to make bee stings better?
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Can you describe a bee stinger?

a bee stinger is small and thin and it is also pointy. if a bee stings you then the stinger gets stuck in you and you will have to pull it out and after the bee stings you it dies.

What do you do if your penis stings?

Better see a doctor and get treatment FAST !

Is toothpaste or baking soda better for treating bee stings?


What are the release dates for For Better or Worse - 2011 The Truth Stings 2-34?

For Better or Worse - 2011 The Truth Stings 2-34 was released on: USA: 7 December 2012

Can dogs feel nettle stings?

No. Dogs cannot feel nettle stings as their fur protects them. But if the sting manages to get through the fur, then they will be stung.

How can you speed up the healing process of poison ivy?

You can dry it out. Rubbing alcohol, white vinager or calamine lotion are very good for poison ivy. The alchol and vinager stings but it feels alot better.

Charles Mraz pioneered apitherapy in the 1930s How does apitherapy threat you?

Through bee stings

Is the violin made differently than it was years ago?

It has better craftmanship and they allow the stings to do more

Are wasp stings alkali?

yes wasp stings are alkali but bee stings are acidic

Do acids help bee stings or wasp stings better?

No. Bee venom is acidic anyway, and wasp venom is chemically neutral, so in neither case will any form of acid help.

What type of stings are nettle stings?

nettle stings contain formic acid. they are phlorophlane bites

Do earlobe piercings hurt?

no not at all it feels like nothing at all ... but after it stings for about a second and its all better .

Why are wasp stings and bee stings treated differently?

Because Bee stings are acidic but Wasp stings are alkali and bee with bee stings they leave the stinger in you

Is dock leaves sting acid or alkali?

Dock leaves don't have stings. They take away stings such as nettle stings.

Can you give 3 examples of neutralisation in the home?

if you put vinegar on wasp stings it will help because wasp stings have alkali in it and vinegar is a weak acid but bee stings are different they are acidic so if you put toothpaste on it it will help (try not to get bee stings mixed up with wasp stings because it will hurt even more if you put toothpaste on wasp stings or vinegar on bee stings)

Are hornet stings more deadly than wasp stings?


What are two uses of an acid?

to corrode or burn through something to neutralise a basic substance e.g certain stings

What are two used of an acid?

to corrode or burn through something to neutralise a basic substance e.g certain stings

How many honey bee stings can kill?

1000 bee stings can kill an adult, but 500 bee stings can kill a child. So there you have it. :)

What stings an attacker with paralyzing poison?

A Scorpion stings an attacker with paralyzing poison

Is a wasp sting acidic?

No a wasp stings are alkali and bee stings are acidic

Do bee stings leave scars?

Bee stings do not usually leave scars.

How do you treat blue bottle stings?

dunk the area in alcohol and then cut the stings out :)

Are ground bees stings dangerous?

Ground bees stings are not dangerous to your health. Of course, if you are allergic to bee stings, then they would be very dangerous, but generally they are not.

What is something that stings?

Depends on what you mean. Anything too basic or acidic may cause a sting. For example, wasp stings are basic, and bee stings are acidic.