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A water molecule has a single Oxygen atom bound to two Hydrogen atoms at approximately 120o. Think of Mickey Mouse's head - his face would be the Oxygen atom, and his ears would be the Hydrogen atoms.

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Describe the structure of a molecule of hemoglobin?

The structure of the hemoglobin in a molecule is the quaternary structure.

How would you describe the water molecule and its properties?

describe the water molecule and its properties

How many equivalent Lewis structures are necessary to describe the bonding in H2O?

One Lewis structure is sufficient to describe a water molecule.

How would you describe the structure of a DNA molecule?

Double HelixDouble helix structure

Describe the structure of a fat molecule?

The structure of a fat molecule is not complicated. It is usually made up of atoms of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon.

Describe a water molecule?

2 molecules of hydrogen and 1 molecule of water.

Describe the structure of a DNA molecule?

a DNA molecule is made up of a phosphate, sugar and base

How the does the structure of a water molecule affect it properties?

Because the water molecule is bent, it is polar

How water temperature affects the structure?

The structure of the molecule remain unchanged.

What is the unique structure of a water molecule?


What describes the structure of a water molecule h2o?


What are the states of water How does it describe arrangement of water molecule?

gas, and ice

Describe the molecular structure of water in terms of the polarity of the bonds and the polarity of the overall molecule?

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What is the basis for the unique properties that are attributed to the water molecule?

Its structure

Why is the structure of a water molecule polar?

A water molecule is polar because there is an uneven distribution of electrons between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms.

What are the polar ends of a water molecule caused by?

The polar ends of a water molecule are caused by the structure of the water molecule. One end there are two hydrogen atoms and on the other end there is an oxygen atom.

Describe the polarity of a water molecule?

The oxygen molecule is slightly negative and the hydrogen molecules are slightly positive.

Use the structure of a water molecule to explain why its polar?

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What is the chemical structure of the molecule?

Each molecule has a specific structure.

Describe the dissociation of water?

It is this breaking apart of the water molecule into tqo ions of opposite charge.

Describe a phospholipid molecule and its interaction with water?

A phospholipid molecule has a non-polar water-insoluble head attached to a longer polar soluble tail.

How is hydrogen bonding among water molecules related to the structure of water molecule?

water is essential to all things

How do you construct a model of a water molecule and label the structure?

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Which molecule has a structure with a ratio of 2 hydrogen to 1 oxygen?

H2O Water.

Describe the basic structure of a DNA molecule?

It is spiral shaped object also known as a stepping ladder and is your genes.