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this wbsite doesnt answer questions like that

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Q: Describe your favorite leisure time activity?
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What is a leisure time activity starting with the letter a?

art activities archery

Can Minecraft be your hobby?

Well, a hobby is "An activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure." Yes, that seems to describe Minecraft for some people very well.

What are the most popular leisure time activities in the US?

Sleeping and watching television are the two most popular leisure time activities. Watching television is the top leisure activity in the Unite State..

How do leisure time activities affect teenagers?

Depending on the activity it can either help you or destroy you.

Why were people able to developed leisure time activity?

People worked fewer days

What are the 4 domains of physical activity?

Exercise/leisure time, Household, Occupational, Active transport

What do Canadians do in their leisure time?

There are so many things that Canadians do in their leisure time. The main activity is hockey but they also engage in drinking, swimming, travelling, chatting with friends and so much more.

An example of a non commercial leisure time activity popular during the late 19th century was?


Describe two or three things that you most enjoy doing with your leisure time?

i enjoy a great run in the morning

What are some leisure time activities?

In your leisure time, you can do a variety of things such as read, listen to music, spend time with friends, or play a sport. There is an endless amount of activities to take part in when you have free time, so you must simply pick what interests you the most in order for your activity to make you happy.

When you get leisure call me is that write sentence?

The sentence is not right. It does not use the structure English-speaking countries would use, especially the word leisure. We use the word time to describe all kinds of 'time'. Instead, you should write: When you get some time, call me. When you have time, call me. Call me when you have time.

What is a raccoon's favorite thing to do?

Probably his favorite activity is eating. He spends most of his (or her) waking time foraging for food.

What is the origin of the word school?

I found that it is derived from the ancient Greek word, Skhole, which meant either leisure, or the things done in one's leisure time, or the place where one spent one's leisure time. In particular, it was a word used to describe learned discussions and disputations that took place between a teacher and their students.

Are leisure activity important for human?

Yes,I think it's important to work hard but also make time for yourself to do activities you enjoy.

Leisure as perceived as a social symbol?

Leisure, and the activities engaged in during leisure time, are often a status symbol. Generally, the extravagance and frequency of leisure time increases with wealth.

Describe the various components of fluctuations in economic activity over time?

The various components of flutuations in economic activity over time are to read your book and find the answer yourself.

What are some leisure time activities in Pakistan?

whats pakistan's most activites they do in there leisure time

How do the people of north Africa and southwest Asia spend their leisure time?

leisure time in africa

What is russia favorite past time ie sporting activity or television shows?


What is leisure time?

Free time

How do you spend your leisure time?

You can spend your leisure time in many different ways to relax. Some people likes to spend their leisure time watching TV, reading, or listening to music.

What effect did the increase in leisure time have?

Public parks and libraries were built as a result of the increase in leisure time.

What would people do for leisure time in the 1800s in early US?

they rode bycicles. and watch the American version of the Office. and Dwight was their favorite character.

What is the difference between tourism and leisure?

Tourists are usually on they are having leisure time. To be touring you cannot be on the clock at work...and therefore touring is leisure, but leisure is not necessarily touring. When you are not on the clock at work or under pressure to do chores at home, then your free time is called leisure....most of the time, our leisure is not spent touring...but many wish it could be.

How is 'play' defined in sociology?

Play is any voluntary, non-remunerative activity performed by humans during their leisure time for the sake of amusement.