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Q: Development growth of infancy
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What is the stages of growth and development?

There are a variety of stages of growth and development starting with Infancy, early childhood and pre-school. And the ending life in maturity at 65.

What best distinguishes the infancy stage from other stages of development?

Physical growth is most rapid in the first year and the most dramatic changes of infancy appear to be related to physical growth.

What are the two general kinds of change that occur between infancy and adulthood?

Growth and development are the two kinds of change that occur between infancy and adulthood.

What are the characteristics of the infancy stage?

One characteristic of the infancy stage is little motor development. There is also helplessness, an infant is dependent on others for everything. A major growth spurt is also a characteristic of infancy.

What has the author Charles W Snow written?

Charles W. Snow has written: 'Infant development' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Infants, Development, Infant, Growth, Child Development 'Infant development' -- subject(s): Child development, Development, Growth, In infancy & childhood, Infant, Infants

What are the characteristics of infancy?

there are five characteristics of infancy: 1.Infancy is the shortest of all developmental periods. 2.Infancy is the time of radical adjustments. 3.Infancy is a plateau in development. 4.Infancy is a preview of later development. 5.Infancy is a hazardous period.

What is benign microcephaly of infancy?

Head circumference is a direct reflection of head growth When the growth is below norms it is classed as microcephaly. The result of microcephaly is a degree of retardation in growth. If the microcephaly is benign, the limitation is not significant in development.

How the hypothalamus indirectly controls growth from infancy to adulthood?

The hypthalamus indirectly controls growth from infancy to adulthood by keeping active and telling the growth hormone to regulate.

What is the final stage of growth?

It is fertilisation

The instruction for growth and development are in?

The instructions for growth and development are in DNA.

What development is not so rapid as infancy during childhood?


Which phase of postnatal development extends from the end of infancy to puberty?